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White 4L Shaker Roomfold - Clear Glass

Installing a set of internal bifold doors is one of the simplest and quickest ways to create a feeling of space in your home. A folding door serves to divide rooms when needed, and open up space as you desire. It’s this flexibility that makes them such a popular choice for modern homeowners.

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White 4L 3 Door Roomfold 1800mm Set
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White 4L 4 Door Roomfold 2400mm Set
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Internal Folding Doors

White Shaker Roomfold Doors

These Shaker-style internal bifolding doors are an attractive and contemporary solution to expand and enhance your living space. They’re glazed in a 4 lite pattern, which means each door has 4 glass panels. This popular design is ideal for both modern and more traditional homes as it lets plenty of light flow through. The clear glazing allows you to see through to the adjoining room to help you enjoy your décor or keep an eye on the family. When not in use, these doors simply fold out of the way, allowing you to make the most of the available space; perfect for entertaining.

These folding room divider doors are finished with a high-quality white primer which some of our customers have been so impressed with that they’ve installed the doors as they are, rather than painting them. However, we would advise the application of a suitable top coat to keep these doors in good condition. If you like the clean, fresh look then simply finish with a white top coat. If you’d prefer a more bespoke look then why not paint in a colour to match your décor?

Getting the perfect fit for your home has never been easier, because the shaker roomfold sliding room divider is available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 door configurations with 1’9”, 2’0” or 2’3” wide doors. These variable configurations allow you to find something that’s just right for your door opening, so take time to assess which option works best for your needs. The door set comes with an unfinished frame, hardware pack and pre-glazed 4 light shaker white primed doors. Drop bolts and handles are not included to allow you to choose some that match the colour of your existing ironmongery.

You can buy online with confidence as all our doors come with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee against manufacturing faults. We also offer free delivery on orders over £750 with a 72-hour service to most UK mainland addresses, so it’s fast and simple to transform your home with a new set of internal bifold doors. 

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If you have a question which isn't covered by one of our handy guides, why not drop us an email and we'll be happy to assist.

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