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Fire Doors

Internal fire doors are a requirement of local authority planners and are normally required to be positioned between garages and kitchens, and/or between kitchens and other rooms. These internal doors are also necessary where a fire risk may be higher, for example to protect areas such as stairwells in hotels and B&B's. Governed by strict regulations, interior fire doors must be a minimum of FD30, meaning they keep smoke and flames at bay for 30 minutes or more.

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Fire doors are doors which have been given a fire-resistance rating. They are used as part of passive fire prevention systems to reduce the spread of fire and smoke between areas, or compartments, of a building. They are designed to be kept closed (they have closers which pull the doors shut once resistance from a person is removed), and must be checked every 6 months to ensure that the fire retardant seal is not compromised and that the door functions as it should. Fire doors must be installed in hotels, schools, blocks of flats, houses of multiple occupation (HMOs) and other public buildings.

What Is a Fire Rating?

The fire-resistance rating is either FD30 or FD60 (or FD30s/FD60s). Many internal fire doors, including those in our range, tend to be FD30 rated. FD60-rated doors are usually used in larger buildings where it may take longer to escape a fire, as these will offer fire protection for a minimum of 60 minutes. Some doors have an FD30s or FD60s fire rating, which means they also protect from cold smoke, through the use of smoke brushes and intumescent strips.

A fire rated door can be made from many different materials and components, including glass, steel, timber and aluminium. Here at Vibrant, we stock fire doors in a wide variety of timber, including pine, walnut, oak veneer and solid oak fire doors. And fire rated doors don't have to be boring either! They can look just like your standard internal doors. With a vast selection available, including glazed fire doors, pre finished, smooth white primed and unfinished options, all FD30 rated, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to adding a bit of style to your home.

Internal fire doors are the perfect choice for many homes. They provide a passive fire safety system, giving you peace of mind. In the case of a fire in your property, they will keep smoke and flames at bay and buy you time to escape to safety.

FD30 Internal Fire Doors

All fire door products are 44mm thick and FD30 rated meaning they can prevent the passage of fire and smoke for a full 30 minutes minimum, giving you time to leave the building safely and helping to protect against the inhalation of dangerous fumes.

Vibrant Doors offers an extensive range of high quality FD30 rated internal fire doors suitable for use in housing or light commercial use. Our interior fire doors are available in a wide range of materials including oak, rustic oak, walnut, pine and solid white primed. We strive to ensure you have an option that will meet your needs.

Our Solid Wood Internal Fire Doors Range

As with all our doors, we use only the highest-quality material in our fire rated doors, so you can be sure that they are built to last. We have solid wood internal fire doors in a range of styles, materials, colours and glazing options, designed to complement any interior. Our fire door range is suitable for use throughout the home.

Oak, Walnut and Glazed Fire Doors

Our internal oak fire doors range is amongst our most popular, with internal glazed fire doors a fantastic new addition. This versatile choice achieves the full FD30 rating, but also allows lots of light to pass through. Within our range we have both unfinished oak fire doors and prefinished options which can save time in decorating on site.

We also have a wide range of walnut fire doors with glass panels available too. Walnut doors continue to grow in popularity, and so we are glad to be able to offer unglazed as well as glazed FD30 fire doors in this material. Not only are they attractive and stylish; they'll also help to keep your home and family safe, and help you meet building regulations.

All internal glazed and glass fire doors feature specialist toughened, fire-rated glass panels to provide the optimum level of safety, while still allowing light through your home.

Pine doors continue to be popular, and we have several clear pine fire door products to support our growing range, including 4 panel and 6 panel options.

Fire Door Styles and Sizes

Our internal fire-rated doors are available in a huge range of styles, from Shaker to French, 4-panel to 6-panel, rustic to contemporary, glazed or unglazed. So, you’re sure to find a door to suit your tastes and your home. Our fire doors and frames are available in all standard sizes, with many including generous lippings so that they can be trimmed substantially to fit most openings. However, we also offer a made-to-measure service if your doors are a little bit more unusually sized or shaped, so get in touch.

All products in our fire door range are 44mm thick, making them slightly thicker than a standard door.

Choice of Fire Door Finishes

As with all of our door products, when it comes to fire-rated doors, you have a choice of finishes:

Unfinished fire doors

With an unfinished internal fire door, you can fully customise the appearance of your doors. These doors come completely unfinished, ready to be sanded, primed and painted, stained or varnished to your taste.

White-primed fire doors

These doors come finished with a coat of factory-applied white primer. This gives a smooth finish for painting or varnishing. No need to sand or prime them yourself; this has already been done for you so you can save time!

Pre-finished fire doors

These doors come pre-finished and ready for hanging. No need to sand, prime or paint - they're good to go! With a simple, smooth finish of clear lacquer, these doors show off the true beauty of our timber. If you're short on time, this is the option for you.

Improve your home's safety in style and shop our range of fire doors today. Prices include VAT, so there are no hidden charges, and delivery is fast, usually within 3-5 working days.

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