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Internal Pine Doors

Interior pine doors are perfect for adding a touch of style on a budget. Pine wood is naturally beautiful and works well with traditional decors due to its soothing, warm tones that make for a relaxing environment. It's also incredibly versatile as it can be simply varnished to show off the natural grain, or painted or stained to suit your décor. It's also lightweight, yet strong, making it perfect for day to day use.

We stock a range of pine internal doors with options that celebrate the knots, showcasing them in all their glory, as well as doors that are more subtle and suited to modern spaces. Shop the range below.

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3P Clear Pine Internal Doors
LPD Doors (1)
3P Clear Pine Doors
From £69.00 View Sizes
4P Clear Pine Internal Doors4P Clear Pine Internal Doors
LPD Doors (5)
4P Clear Pine Doors
From £69.00 View Sizes
4P Knotty Pine Internal Doors
From £62.00 View Sizes
6P Clear Pine Internal Doors
LPD Doors (1)
6P Clear Pine Doors
From £80.00 View Sizes
Richmond Clear Pine Internal Doors
From £80.00 View Sizes
2P Clear Pine Internal Doors
LPD Doors (4)
2P Clear Pine Doors
From £69.00 View Sizes
Richmond Clear Half Pine Internal Doors
From £69.00 View Sizes
6 Panel Knotty Pine Internal Doors
From £62.00 View Sizes
Clear Pine Louis Internal DoorsClear Pine Louis Internal Doors
XL Joinery Doors
Clear Pine Louis Doors
From £69.66 View Sizes
Clear Pine Riviera Internal DoorsClear Pine Riviera Internal Doors
XL Joinery Doors
Clear Pine Riviera Doors
From £106.01 View Sizes
Clear Pine Colonial 6 Panel Internal DoorsClear Pine Colonial 6 Panel Internal Doors
From £61.53 View Sizes
Clear Pine Rio 4 Panel Internal DoorsClear Pine Rio 4 Panel Internal Doors
From £71.10 View Sizes
Islington Pine Internal Doors
PM Mendes Doors (1)
Islington Pine Doors
From £131.33 View Sizes
Pine 1930 4 Panel
PM Mendes Doors
Pine 1930 4 Panel
From £124.50 View Sizes
Pine 1930 4 Panel Fire Door
From £244.50 View Sizes

The great thing about this material is that we can really celebrate its untouched beauty with the light naturally-occurring grains and knots that help you feel closer to nature whenever you're near them, perfect for a more rustic, lived-in look.

The Collection

Whether your want a modern or traditional design, we have pine doors to suit your decor. From 4 and 6 panel styles to more intricate designs, our varied range will help you find the finishing touch for your room.

Our glazed doors in pine feature decorative glass panels to help natural light to flow through your home. Pine offers a great blank canvas for many interiors. Just add the right door furniture to complete the look.

What Is Knotty Pine?

Knots are those darker circles that naturally occur in pine trees. They create a natural decoration and can either be left as it is or put through a staining method, for example, to increase the luxury and elegance of such a simple but beautiful material.

The pine interior doors we stock are unfinished, making them perfect for staining or painting (although you will lose the natural beauty of the wood if you paint over it). We recommend staining or varnishing to showcase the natural beauty of the wood. 

What Is The Difference Between Clear Pine And Knotty Pine?

The term 'clear pine' refers to a pine internal door that has 'removed' those characteristic knots we mentioned earlier. This creates more of a modern and contemporary look rather than the more rustic, knotted look which solid pine doors are known for.

Advantages Of Pine Doors

Pine is an excellent choice for doors due to its light weight, cost-effectiveness, and shock resistance. Being a softwood, it is moderately heavy but lighter than hardwood like oak. Additionally, its stiffness makes it highly resistant to sudden impacts, making it a durable and reliable material for doors.

Why Buy Pine Internal Doors From Vibrant Doors?

Whatever living space you're upgrading with a pine door, you can really add your own personal touch to our affordable unfinished products. Whether you choose to stain, paint or prime and leave it as is, you can enjoy our beautifully manufactured doors from well-known brands such as XL Joinery, LPD Doors and more.

All of our high-quality versatile doors are available at fantastic prices and come with a ten-year guarantee.

We stock a variety of styles to suit any home including knotty and clear pine internal doors with up to six panels. If you want to encourage the natural flow of light, we also stock glazed options, including:

As well as a variety of unglazed options, if you prefer the solid pine look.

Please browse our selection of internal pine doors and get in touch if you have any questions at all.

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