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Modern Internal Doors

Our range of contemporary internal doors is as expansive as it is versatile. Whatever concept you have in mind for your interior design, you can find a door within our range to complement and enhance it. Coming in a range of neutral colours, and with fire doors available in many styles, there's plenty on offer here to suit the modern home.

From £45.00 - £807.00

Mexicano Oak Internal Doors
From £79.99 View
Mexicano Oak 6L Glazed Internal Doors
From £138.99 View
Mexicano Oak - Prefinished Internal Doors
From £109.99 View
Mexicano Oak 6L - Prefinished
From £139.19 View
Iseo Oak Solid Core - Prefinished
From £115.99 View
White ISEO Internal Doors
From £77.99 View
ISEO White 4 Light Internal Doors
From £119.19 View
ISEO White 4 Light Frosted Internal Doors
From £119.99 View
Oak Shaker 1 Light - Frosted Internal Doors
From £117.99 View
Shaker Glazed White Internal Doors
From £92.99 View
Shaker Glazed White - Frosted
From £106.99 View
White Shaker 1 Panel
From £79.99 View
Oak Shaker 4L - Clear Glass Internal Doors
From £106.99 View
Shaker 4P Oak Internal Doors
From £99.99 View
Oak Shaker 4P - Prefinished Internal Doors
From £128.99 View

Our range of modern internal doors is perfect for those who want to add a contemporary touch to their interior decor

Our Contemporary Interior Doors Range

Our range includes:

Prefinished doors

Our prefinished contemporary doors are perfect for those who want to celebrate the beauty of the wood grain. Our pre-treated internal oak doors are stained in a way that protects and subtly enhances the natural colour of the timber. For instance, take a look at this stunning 7 panel prefinished oak internal door from Climadoor. Because they’re ready to hang straight away, you can start enjoying your new doors sooner. 

Unfinished doors

Our unfinished options are perfect for those who want to customise the look of their modern internal doors. These can be stained or painted depending on your preference for a seamless integration into your interior design concept. 

Modern doors with glass

An internal glazed door is a great way to allow more natural light into your living space and lend the room a lighter, breezier feel. We are proud to carry a large range of internal glazed doors with a stunning contemporary look. Take a look at our modern 7 panel clear glazed internal door or our modern white 2 panel shaker door.

Alternatively, if you like the idea of letting more light into your living space but want to preserve your privacy, we recommend frosted glass. As well as making your space more private, these also soften and diffuse the light coming into the room. 

Primed Doors

If you’d like to paint your doors in an on-trend shade, you don’t have to worry about applying your own primer. Our white primed options are available in a range of styles including modern white shaker doors and modern white 7 panel doors. Please note that we recommend using white primed doors for painting lighter colours. If you prefer to paint your internal doors a darker colour, we recommend grey or black primed. 

Primed doors should be painted prior to hanging as the primer is less resilient to wear than paint. 

Industrial Style Doors

Industrial style glazed doors offer a sleek and stylish transition between spaces with ample natural light. Also known as heritage-style, they are perfect for those who like their designs spartan and minimalist, and for whom space comes at a premium. 

Modern Door Styles

Modern interior doors vary greatly in style. Essentially, if it has clean lines, simple patterns and a minimalist aesthetic it could be considered a contemporary internal door. Door styles that often fall into this category include:

  • Panel doors- Many modern doors are made up of rectangular panels within a sturdy frame. This lends the door leaf a clean geometric feel
  • Shaker doors- While their roots go back to the 18th century, the minimalist simplicity of shaker doors makes them a timeless mainstay in modern aesthetics
  • Cottage doors- also have a timeless aesthetic that belies their history. Their simple vertical panels make for a very clean and contemporary look
  • Industrial doors- mostly composed of glass panels inside a slim frame. A very minimalist and contemporary aesthetic for those who believe that less is more

Is it Worth Upgrading Your Internal Doors?

Replacing your internal doors is a substantial investment, and one that may give many pause. However, there are some circumstances where it may be highly beneficial to upgrade them. If you notice excessive draughts, they have become damaged or worn, you hear a lot of noise from other rooms, or your interior doors are all distractingly mismatched, it may well be worth replacing them.

The construction of a contemporary door offers superior heat and sound insulation in your home. So not only could your energy bills and heating costs decrease, you may also notice less distracting noise coming from elsewhere in your home. What’s more, replacing your internal doors can create a much more unified aesthetic in your home, and potentially add to the value and saleability of your home if you decide to move. Your doors could be the missing piece in creating that contemporary decor you've dreamed of. 

We offer an extensive selection at affordable prices, with free delivery on all orders over £750. Plus, you get the benefit of lasting peace of mind, as all our products are backed by a 10-year guarantee. 

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