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Flush Fire Doors

Functional, but never boring, our flush fire doors are a great choice for any home. Available in a range of materials and with a sleek, clean look, these doors will keep smoke and flames at bay for a minimum of 30 minutes (in the case of our FD30 doors), or 60 minutes (in the case of our FD60 doors). All our fire doors undergo rigorous testing and comply with building regulations to give you complete peace of mind for your home’s safety. Explore our fire rated flush doors below.

What are Flush Fire Doors?

Our Flush Fire Doors Range

Free HandleISEO Oak 4 Light Clear Glass Fire Door

ISEO Oak 4 Light Clear Glass Fire Door

From £529.00

Free HandleISEO Oak Solid Core Fire Door

ISEO Oak Solid Core Fire Door

From £179.99

Free HandleISEO White 4 Light Fire Door

ISEO White 4 Light Fire Door

From £499.99

Free HandleISEO White Fire Door

ISEO White Fire Door

From £146.99

Free HandleMexicano Oak Fire Door

Mexicano Oak Fire Door

From £129.99

Free HandleMexicano Oak Prefinished Fire Door

Mexicano Oak Prefinished Fire Door

From £156.99

Free HandleModern 7P Oak - Prefinished Fire Doors

Modern 7P Oak - Prefinished Fire Doors

From £159.99

Free HandleModern 7P Oak Fire Door

Modern 7P Oak Fire Door

From £143.99

Free HandleOak Victorian 4 Panel Shaker Fire Door

Oak Victorian 4 Panel Shaker Fire Door

From £145.99

Free HandleShaker 4 Light Oak Clear Glazed Fire Door

Shaker 4 Light Oak Clear Glazed Fire Door

From £469.00

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Flush Fire Doors at Vibrant Doors

What is a Flush Fire Door?

Flush doors are, as the name suggests, largely flat internal doors that are flat faced with no inset panels which are seen in stile and rail type doors They are elegant in their simplicity, giving the appearance of being made from a single piece of timber.  

Flush fire doors are made from a veneer of oak, walnut, ash or hardwood around a solid core.

It’s important that flush fire doors are installed within a fire door frame. Fire doors are thicker than most internal doors at a minimum of 44mm while most standard doors are 35mm thick. However, there is a much more important reason to use a fire door frame. Installing a fire door leaf within a fire door frame ensures a perfectly snug fit upon installation, enabling the intumescent seals in the frame to close the gap between leaf and frame when activated. Fire doors must be hung using CE-certified hinges as these will not warp or melt in extreme heat. 

Our Flush Fire Doors Range

Internal flush doors are extremely stylish and incredibly versatile. While they lend themselves well to contemporary design concepts, they are also perfectly at home in properties with more traditional or rustic aesthetics. Our range reflects the outstanding versatility of the flush door. We offer a range of styles, colours and finishes with a huge variety of sizes from 1981 x 457 x 44mm to 2040 x 926 x 54mm. We can also cater for bespoke sizes, should you require a door for a larger, smaller or awkwardly-shaped opening.

Fully-finished and White Primed Flush Doors

Our range of fully finished flush FD30-rated doors is designed for those who want to see the natural beauty of the wood grain subtly enhanced and preserved by the finish. 

Our fully-finished flush fire door range is perfect for all kinds of domestic properties and business premises. Just take a look at the warming, soothing tones of this flush oak fire door with walnut inlay from XL Joinery. Or, if it’s a warmer, richer finish you’re looking for, look no further than this architectural flush prefinished walnut fire door from Deanta Doors

Meanwhile, our white primed doors come ready-treated with a smooth coat of white primer - the perfect base for painting or varnishing to suit your taste.

Unfinished Flush Fire doors

Unfinished flush fire doors give you the freedom to choose your own finish. You can stain the wood in your choice of colour or hue, or even paint over it. Just be sure to use a primer coat to achieve an even finish with vibrant colours.  

There’s huge variety within our range of unfinished flush fire doors from this budget-friendly hardwood lipped FD60 flush fire door to this sensational Galway oak fire door which is perfectly suited to both contemporary and rustic farmhouse design concepts. 

Our FD30 Fire Door Range

Browse our selection of flush doors and you may notice that many of them are classified as FD30-rated. This means that they have been rigorously tested to standards established by the British Woodworking Federation, and will keep fire and smoke at bay for a minimum of 30 minutes. At 44mm in thickness, they are much more robust than standard internal doors which average around 35mm thickness.

FD60 Flush Fire Doors

FD60 flush fire doors are even thicker than their FD30-rated counterparts at 54mm. This enables them to keep fire and smoke at bay for a minimum of 60 minutes rather than 30. While 30 minutes is usually enough time to evacuate most residential properties, fire doors with an FD60 fire rating[HH1]  may be more suitable for multiple occupancy buildings (such as apartment blocks) and  commercial premises. 

Grey Flush Fire Doors

Looking for something to add a cool and soothing touch to your interior’s aesthetic? Our range of grey flush fire doors is fully finished and ready to hang, featuring a diverse array of designs such as this horizontal prefinished light grey FD60 flush fire door from LPD to the pleasing and distinctive lines of this architectural flush light grey ash FD60 fire door with vertical inlay from Deanta. 

Should Fire Doors Have Intumescent Strips?

Around the circumference of a fire door frame, you will find a rubbery-looking intumescent strip. Upon reaching temperatures of around 200 degrees Celsius, this strip will expand, preventing heat from escaping through the gap between the door and the frame. Flush fire doors may also be fitted with cold smoke seals to prevent smoke from issuing between the door leaf and frame.

Why Buy From Vibrant Doors?

If you’re looking for flush fire doors (or any doors for that matter!), you’ll find outstanding choice, quality and value for money at Vibrant Doors. We are proud to stock a huge range of flush fire doors from the UK’s biggest names at fantastic prices. We even offer free delivery on all orders over £750. What’s more, every door we sell is backed by our 10-year guarantee for your lasting peace of mind.