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Oak External Doors

External oak doors provide class and quality for any entrance to your home. Whether you are looking for a double glazed oak front door or a panelled oak back door we have a great selection of traditional and contemporary exterior oak doors to choose from. Shop our oak doors range below.

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Cottage 4L Oak External Doors
From £423.00 View Sizes
Stable 4L Oak External Doors
From £423.00 View Sizes
Cottage 6L Oak External Doors
From £442.00 View Sizes
Stable 6L Oak External Doors
From £442.00 View Sizes
Westminster Oak External DoorsWestminster Oak External Doors
From £412.00 View Sizes
Norfolk Oak External Doors
From £333.00 View Sizes
Goodwood Oak External DoorsGoodwood Oak External Doors
From £548.00 View Sizes
Newbury Oak External Doors
From £373.00 View Sizes
Modica Oak External DoorsModica Oak External Doors
From £351.00 View Sizes
Salisbury Oak External Doors
From £506.00 View Sizes
Empress Oak External Doors
From £790.00 View Sizes
Majestic Oak External Doors
From £842.00 View Sizes
Arta Oak External Doors
From £346.00 View Sizes
Suffolk Oak External Doors
From £371.00 View Sizes
Prefinished External Oak ModenaPrefinished External Oak Modena
From £307.99 View Sizes

Oak wood is always a popular choice when it comes to external door materials, for many reasons. It's hardwearing so can withstand the elements. It's sturdy, for optimum security. It's a great insulator, so helps keep heat inside where it belongs. And it's also incredibly beautiful to look at.

Our Oak External Doors Range

Vibrant Doors offer quality solid wood front doors and oak veneer options. We also have many double and triple glazed patterns in our range, including leaded, frosted, bevelled or zinc double glazing, with some great coloured glass doors available too. We offer all our solid oak doors and oak veneer doors with a range of glass sidelights and vestibule frames so you can create that perfect oak front entrance door.

Front Doors

Oak front doors are perfect for adding character and charm to your house. They're secure, durable and attractive. Their robust construction withstands daily wear and tear, making them a practical choice for high-traffic areas.

Back Doors

We have plenty of options to suit the back or side entryway in our oak exterior doors range. Opt for a classic cottage style door or choose a glazed design to help light flow.

Oak Warmer Doors

We also offer external oak warmer doors, ideal for both front door and back door uses. Oak warmer doors have been designed using the latest technology in composite core materials. Their engineered construction achieves great U values, suitable for achieving part L compliance - ideal for new build extensions, but retaining that classic oak door look.

Stylish Designs

Available as either glazed oak door or solid panelled options, our traditional external oak doors such as the Cottage 4L and 6L and Stable 4L and 6L continue to be extremely popular, with pattern 10 oak garden doors also a stylish option. Our classic and rustic designs are ideal for traditional and period properties.

For more modern tastes, our Goodwood timber doors pair contemporary panelling with the classic and timeless natural grain of oak. Choose your door furniture to complete the look.


Glazed doors are ideal for letting in plenty of natural light to your home. Our glazed oak exterior doors are available in a range of stylish designs, both traditional and modern.

If you love the look of decorative glass but are worried about privacy, we offer obscure glass panels, which still allow plenty of light in, while keeping nosy passers by out! Double glazing keeps the doors energy efficient and your home warm and cosy, while toughened safety glass means they're safe for children and pets, as well as being highly secure.


Our huge range includes prefinished options that are ready for installation. Just add the finishing touches like handles and hardware.

You can also opt for unfinished doors so you can paint or stain to match your home design plans.


Oak doors are renowned for their security and sturdiness. Made from high-quality oak wood, they offer robust protection. While a solid door provides natural beauty and strength, those with an engineered core are designed to enhance security and durability, ensuring a safe and long-lasting entryway.

How to Treat External Oak Doors

As your external doors are exposed to the elements, it's important to make sure they are properly protected. Without proper treatment, timber doors can warp, rot or split. Treating and protecting your doors is an ongoing task (you'll need to do it every couple of years), however the results are well worth it, as you'll see!

There are a variety of different treatments for timber doors available, including both oil-based and water-based options. Whatever you choose, it's vital to clean your door thoroughly before applying any treatment, to ensure an even finish and to avoid any damage to the door's surface. You can find out more in our article about choosing the best treatment for your external doors.

Shopping our solid oak external door range is easy. Simply click on the door you like to see the technical specification and the great prices available. Or why not give us a call?

Frequently Asked Questions


Is oak good for front doors?

Oak is an excellent choice for front doors due to its durability and timeless aesthetic appeal. Its strong structure withstands elements well, offering long-lasting performance. Oak's classic look can complement various architectural styles, ensuring it never goes out of fashion. Perfect for enhancing curb appeal while providing security.


How much do oak front doors cost?

Exterior oak doors typically range in price from £500 to over £2000. Factors such as the size, craftsmanship, and whether it's solid oak or veneered affect the cost. For a bespoke, high-quality external oak door, expect to pay towards the premium end of the range.


Are oak doors worth it?

Oak doors offer excellent value due to their high durability and superior thermal insulation properties. Made from robust hardwood, they withstand wear and provide long-term strength. Also, their insulation capabilities help maintain indoor temperatures, potentially reducing energy costs. Their longevity and efficiency make them a worthwhile investment for homeowners.


What is the best wood to make an external door?

The best wood for external doors is typically hardwood due to its durability and resistance to weather elements. Oak, mahogany, and teak are top choices, offering strength, longevity, and aesthetic appeal. These hardwoods withstand wear and tear, making them ideal for entrance doors that demand both functionality and style.


What are the benefits of oak doors?

Oak doors are highly durable, offering exceptional longevity and resistance to weather conditions. They're sturdy and require low maintenance. These qualities, along with their timeless aesthetic, make oak doors a top choice for enhancing home durability and charm.

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