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Iseo Doors

We’re proud to offer a range of Iseo-style doors from some of the UK’s favourite manufacturers. If you're looking for an internal door that lends a fresh and contemporary feel to your interior aesthetic, you're in the right place. With a flush surface, clean lines and simple geometrics, the Iseo internal door range could be just what you’re looking for. 

What Are Iseo Doors?

Iseo doors are named after the famous Italian lake that divides the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia. They are characterised by their distinctive ladder-like design with 5 vertically-stacked panels sandwiched between two vertical struts. The stylish v-groove between panels lends the appearance a sleek and contemporary feel. This simple yet effective design can be extrapolated to include glazed options and even French doors.

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The Range

With a huge range of materials and finishes available, there’s an Iseo door for every home. 

Functional yet stylish, modern yet versatile, these doors can be equally at home in a terraced house, a city-centre apartment, or even a vibrant and bustling business premises. The sheer range of materials, finishes, and subtle variations on the distinctive style make it a compellingly versatile range. Choose an Iseo oak door for a classic look, or walnut for a sleek, modern look. We have glazed options available too. Not to mention, we’re proud to stock high quality doors from some of the nation’s most trusted manufacturers including Climadoor and PM Mendes.

Take a moment to browse our range and you’ll see that it has something to offer all kinds of properties. 


If you’re looking for a hassle-free experience, our range of fully-finished doors is ready to hang straight away. 

These are pre-treated with a finish that protects the timber while subtly enhancing the warmth and humble beauty of the wood grain. 

Oak Doors

Oak is an extremely popular choice for internal doors (and external doors too!), and it’s easy to see why (just take a look at our sensational oak door range). It has a warm and comforting hue that makes us instantly feel comfortable and calm. Furthermore, it’s also a great natural insulator, helping to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. Internal oak doors insulate sound as effectively as heat, helping to block out unwelcome noise from other rooms.

Iseo oak doors are available both glazed and unglazed. Our Iseo oak solid core doors provide extra strength, stability, thermal insulation and soundproofing.


If you’re looking for an internal door that exudes elegance and class, look no further than the walnut Iseo SS prefinished internal door from PM Mendes. The chocolatey richness of the timber adds a touch of class to any living or working space, while also lending the area a comforting look and feel. 

Walnut doors adds an effortless sense of style to your interiors, and because it has a classic and timeless quality, it will never feel outmoded. 


If your living space already has painted doors and you want to ensure a more cohesive match, you’ll be delighted to learn that many of our doors can be painted. With a white-primed interior door, you know that you’ll get an even finish with perfect colour every time. These primed doors may be painted white or any other light colour of your choice. 

Please note that we strongly recommend painting white-primed doors before hanging them. Even if you intend to paint them white. This is because the primer used on these doors is less resilient than a coat of paint and may be more prone to damage, wear, stains and scuff marks during regular use. 


Glazed internal doors allow a splash of extra natural light into the space and can help a living area feel more breezy and spacious. Many of our internal doors are available with glazing. Some options feature 4 individual lights set into the panels while others feature single large glass panels which occupy the centre of the leaf. Our glazed Iseo oak doors are available with clear glazing or frosted glass. The latter is a great option for those who prefer a greater degree of privacy or want to diffuse the incoming natural light. 

Fire Doors

This popular range features a great number of FD30 fire-rated variants. Indeed, many of the styles you’ll see are also available as Iseo fire doors, so you can still get the look you want while ensuring optimal fire safety. 

FD30-rated fire doors have been rigorously tested according to British Woodworking Federation guidelines. The FD30 designation means that they can keep fire and smoke at bay for a minimum of 30 minutes as long as they are properly installed. 

These doors are thicker than typical internal doors at 44mm, rather than the standard 35mm. They also feature an intumescent strip around the edge. This expands upon reaching temperatures of 200 degrees Celsius, containing the spread of fire and smoke if a fire should break out. Some may also be fitted with cold smoke seals to prevent smoke from seeping through the tiny gap between the door leaf and frame.

In order to ensure compliance, your FD30 door must be fitted by a registered professional and use a deeper fire door frame with CE-certified hinges. 

French Doors

French doors are a fantastic way to make a bold statement in your living area, with a dramatic transition from one room to the next. Our Iseo French doors allow you to move between spaces in style with a selection of white-primed and prefinished French doors with a range of glazing options.

If floor space is limited, Iseo roomfold grande doors fold in on themselves when opened to help maximise usable space. 

Are Iseo Internal Doors a Good Idea?

You bet! They're stylish, versatile and made using only the finest quality materials. That’s why we’re proud to stock an outstanding range of doors, as well as frames, mouldings and hardware. All at fantastic prices. As part of our commitment to providing outstanding value for money, we also offer free delivery on all orders over £750.

Why not consider giving your external doors a facelift too? We stock a range of gorgeous patio doors, including bifold doors and sliding doors.

What’s more, our internal and external doors are backed by a 10-year guarantee for your lasting peace of mind. 

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