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1930s Style Internal Doors

DX30 style doors inject a vintage flavour into your interiors. This beautiful, versatile and evocative style of door pays homage to the designs of yesteryear while also feeling perfectly at home in more contemporary contexts. Explore our 1930s doors below.  

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Oak DX 30s Style Internal DoorsOak DX 30s Style Internal Doors
Climadoor (32)
Oak DX 30s Style Doors
From £97.99 View Sizes
Oak DX30 - Frosted Glass Internal DoorsOak DX30 - Frosted Glass Internal Doors
From £111.19 View Sizes
White DX30 Internal DoorsWhite DX30 Internal Doors
Climadoor (38)
White DX30 Doors
From £87.99 View Sizes
White Primed DX - Frosted GlassWhite Primed DX - Frosted Glass
From £123.99 View Sizes
White Primed DX - Clear GlassWhite Primed DX - Clear Glass
From £122.99 View Sizes
From £119.00 View Sizes
DX 30DX 30
From £100.00 View Sizes
DX 30
From £96.00 View Sizes
DX Oak Internal DoorsDX Oak Internal Doors
XL Joinery Doors
DX Oak Doors
From £143.50 View Sizes
DX Oak - Obscure Glass Internal DoorsDX Oak - Obscure Glass Internal Doors
XL Joinery Doors (1)
DX Oak - Obscure Glass Doors
From £192.50 View Sizes
DX White Internal DoorsDX White Internal Doors
XL Joinery Doors
DX White Doors
From £126.50 View Sizes
DX Oak - Prefinished Internal DoorsDX Oak - Prefinished Internal Doors
XL Joinery Doors
DX Oak - Prefinished Doors
From £189.50 View Sizes
Clear Pine Vine DX Internal DoorsClear Pine Vine DX Internal Doors
XL Joinery Doors (1)
Clear Pine Vine DX Doors
From £99.72 View Sizes
DX White with Osbcure GlassDX White with Osbcure Glass
From £156.50 View Sizes
Rustic Oak DX Glazed - PrefinishedRustic Oak DX Glazed - Prefinished
From £217.50 View Sizes
Rustic Oak DX PrefinishedRustic Oak DX Prefinished
From £157.50 View Sizes
Oak 1930 4 Panel
PM Mendes Doors (1)
Oak 1930 4 Panel
From £134.93 View Sizes
Pine 1930 4 Panel
PM Mendes Doors
Pine 1930 4 Panel
From £124.50 View Sizes

At Vibrant Doors, we pride ourselves on our eclectic range of internal door sizes, colours, finishes, designs and styles

The Range

Our extensive range of 30s-style doors is designed to celebrate the beauty of the wood grain while paying homage to the popular interior styles of the last century. Containing both unfinished and prefinished doors, our DX30 range celebrates the beauty of the wood grain with its simple geometric patterns and warm, rich glow. 

Our doors are suitable for a wide range of door frames, with sizes from 1981 x 610 x 35mm to 2032 x 813 x 35mm. With a generous trimmimg allowance, it's easy to get the right fit. 

Unfinished 1930s interior doors are designed to be treated with your choice of wood stain before hanging. This will protect and subtly enhance the natural beauty of the timber while allowing you to achieve a distinctive look that blends in with your interior design concept. Our range includes prefinished 1930s doors in a choice of either pine or oak. 

We also offer FD30-rated 1930s fire doors. These are designed to contain smoke and fire for a minimum of 30 minutes, facilitating safe egress through the property’s designated fire exit. Take a look at our range and you’ll find 4-panel FD30-rated 1930s fire doors in both oak and pine. Fire doors are thicker and heavier than a standard door and are available in a range of sizes from 1981 x 686 x 44mm to 2032 x 813 x 44mm. When it comes to door installation, keep in mind that a fire door needs to be fitted in an appropriate frame with the correct CE-marked hinges.

What Do 1930s Style Doors Look Like?

The distinctive look of a 1930s internal door is subtle but unmistakable. The doors are comprised of usually 4 (but up to 6) panels surrounded by a solid frame. Approximately two thirds of the leaf consists of three elongated lower panels. The upper portion is made of either one single square or three rectangular panels. In some cases the panels may be substituted for glazing, with the glazed panel available in either clear or frosted glass.

Back in the day, these doors would have been painted or stained to highlight the contrast between the frame and the panels. Of course, you may choose to keep this tradition going by staining or painting your unfinished door in different colours or finishes, or you may opt for a simpler and more consistent look across the whole door leaf. 

Why Choose 1930s-style Doors?

Mid 20th century designs are extremely in-demand at the moment, with more and more people seeking to incorporate yesteryear’s looks into more contemporary settings. This traditional door style is simple, elegant and extremely versatile, lending itself beautifully to all kinds of properties and interior design concepts. 1930s internal doors combine a traditional look with modern construction techniques, delivering internal doors that are as sturdy and hard-wearing as they are elegant and beautiful.

What’s more, their clean lines and simple geometrics lend these period-style doors a timeless quality. So they can easily be integrated into more contemporary design concepts.

Should All Interior Doors Be the Same Style?

That’s a matter of taste. Many like to ensure a consistent look across all of their internal (and even external) doors. That said, there is absolutely no reason why you have to use the same style of interior door across your home. The beauty of the 1930s style door is that the panels and frame can be stained or painted in different shades or colours to ensure plenty of variety, even if you choose to use them in every room of your home. 

Choosing Vibrant Doors

At Vibrant Doors, we’re proud to bring you an eclectic range of 1930s inspired doors to bring a classic retro touch to your home’s interior. We also carry a great range of door accessories, frames, mouldings and hardware to help you create the perfect look for your home.  

Our internal doors are backed by a 10-year guarantee, and we even offer free delivery on all orders over £750. Get in touch with our team of experts today to find the perfect doors for your property!

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