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Fire Door Blanks

Our durable and efficient fire door blanks offer a no-frills option for those who favour a simple, more minimalist look. These internal flush doors have a smooth, flat veneer surface, and are suitable for both modern and period properties due to their simplicity. We stock both FD30 and FD60 rated door blanks in our range, and all doors conform to UK building regulations. Shop our range online today.

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What are Fire Door Blanks?

Fire door blanks are essentially internal fire rated doors that are usually "blank", i.e. very simple in appearance, with no embellishments or panels, and which fit flush with the door frame. They are made from a veneer of hardwood, oak, walnut, ash or similar timber around a solid core. 

They provide outstanding protection from smoke and fire, with an intumescent strip that runs around the frame. This expands upon reaching temperatures of around 200°C to prevent heat from escaping between the door and the frame. 

A smoke seal may also be used to prevent the spread of smoke through the home. These doors are commonly installed in areas where living space connects to shared areas like corridors and stairwells. They need to be installed in a fire door frame with CE-certified hinges. 

Our Fire Door Blanks Range

Thanks to their simplicity of design, these doors are a fantastically versatile option for all kinds of properties. With our outstanding range of doors, you won’t need to choose between keeping your property fire safe and maintaining a stylish interior aesthetic. We strive to offer fire door blanks in a range of sizes and finishes from 1981 x 457 x 44mm to 2040 x 926 x 54mm. 

Pre Finished

Our internal fire doors come with a stunning range of finishes for those who like to celebrate the natural beauty of the wood grain while also enjoying superior protection from fire and smoke. 

Whatever colours and hues best match your interior aesthetic, you can find the perfect match for your interior without compromising your fire safety. For instance, this architectural flush ash fire door from Deanta is a perfect fit for all kinds of properties from city centre apartments to suburban bungalows. Or, if you want a little subtle detail, take a look at this gorgeous flush oak internal fire door with walnut inlay from XL Joinery. 


Your property has a very distinctive aesthetic. As such, you want a door that you can stain or paint in any colour or shade you choose to guarantee a perfect fit. No problem! We offer a range of unfinished fire rated doors designed for staining or painting as you see fit. So that the aesthetic of your internal fire doors is as seamless as the flush fit. 

For instance, take a look at this hardwood lipped flush FD60-rated fire door by LPD. Or, if you’re looking for a fire door made with paint-grade timber, check out this budget-friendly offering from Jeld-Wen. Please note that we recommend applying a primer to paint grade timber before painting to ensure the perfect even colour and finish. 

White Primed

White primed doors are ready to be painted and hung immediately. Even if you intend to keep your internal doors white, we recommend painting over these doors as the primer is much less resilient than paint. 

FD30 Fire Rated Doors

Many of the blank fire doors in our range are FD30 rated. This means that they keep fire and smoke at bay for a minimum of 30 minutes.  In most residential properties, this is ample time to evacuate the property. These are 44mm in thickness and much more robust than standard internal doors. However, we also stock slimline 35mm fire doors, which carry an FD30 rating.

FD60 Fire Rated Doors

In some larger properties, business premises or buildings with multiple occupancy, additional time may be required to evacuate the building in the event of a fire. In which case, FD60 fire doors may be necessary. These are 54mm thick, keeping fire and smoke at bay for at least 1 hour. 

Oak and Solid Core Fire Door Blanks

The warmth, versatility and humble charm of oak make it a perfect fit for any home. Our blank fire door range includes a number of oak doors from this flush white oak fire door by LPD to this stunning fully finished oak flush fire door by JB Kind.  

A fire door’s solid core gives it the density needed for outstanding fire protection. This is integral to the door’s ability to keep extreme heat at bay for long enough to evacuate the property. 

Can You Cut Fire Door Blanks?

The beauty of fire door blanks is that they can be cut without disrupting any patterns or accidentally rendering them less symmetrical. Fire door blanks have hardwood lippings to enable trimming to size without cutting into the core. Lippings on top and bottom edges are typically 17mm while lippings on vertical edges are 10mm. These can be trimmed with a plane to ensure a perfectly flush fit with your frame. 

You could even cut into the core of a internal fire door blank. However, a joiner would need to re-lip the door with a hardwood edge to enable the fitting of hinges. 

Why Buy From Vibrant Doors?

At Vibrant Doors, we combine outstanding quality with an unbeatable selection and prices to suit all budgets. We are proud to provide fire door blanks from the UK’s most trusted brands at prices well below the RRP. For added peace of mind, we also provide a 10-year guarantee on each and every door sold. And with free delivery on all orders over £750, you can get the doors you want at prices you’ll love!

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