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762mm - 30 inch Fire Doors

Upgrade Your Safety: Premium 30-Inch (762mm) Internal Fire Doors

Protect your home or business with our exceptional selection of 30-inch (or 762mm) internal fire doors. These doors offer superior fire resistance, meeting stringent safety standards, while adding elegance and style to your interiors.

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Orta White Prefinished Fire DoorOrta White Prefinished Fire Door
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Mexicano Oak Fire DoorMexicano Oak Fire Door
Climadoor (18)
Mexicano Oak Fire Door
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Mexicano Oak Prefinished Fire DoorMexicano Oak Prefinished Fire Door
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DX 30s Style Solid White Fire DoorDX 30s Style Solid White Fire Door
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ISEO White 4 Light Fire DoorISEO White 4 Light Fire Door
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ISEO White Fire DoorISEO White Fire Door
Climadoor (1)
ISEO White Fire Door
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ISEO Oak Solid Core Fire DoorISEO Oak Solid Core Fire Door
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DX 30s Style Oak Fire DoorDX 30s Style Oak Fire Door
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Modern 7P Oak Fire DoorModern 7P Oak Fire Door
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The Importance of
Fire-Rated Doors:
Your First Line of Defense

Fire safety isn't something to take lightly. In the event of a fire, every second counts. That's why fire-rated doors, like our FD30 certified 30-inch internal fire doors, are essential. "FD30" means these doors are designed to withstand fire for a minimum of 30 minutes. This valuable time can:

  • Slow the Spread of Flames: Fire-rated doors help contain fires, preventing them from quickly spreading throughout your home or building.

  • Create Safe Escape Routes: Those extra minutes provide crucial time to evacuate the premises safely.

  • Protect Belongings: By limiting the fire's spread, fire doors may minimize damage to property and valuables.

Beyond Safety: The Peace of Mind Factor

Knowing you have fire-rated doors in place offers a level of security that's hard to beat. You can rest assured that you've taken proactive steps to protect those you care about and the things that matter most.

Features and Benefits of Our 30-Inch Fire Doors: Built for Protection and Style

When you choose our internal fire doors, you're investing in more than just safety; you're investing in quality construction and these key benefits:

Certified Fire Resistance

Each door proudly carries the FD30 certification, guaranteeing it meets rigorous fire safety standards for at least 30 minutes.

Robust Construction

Our doors boast solid cores and specialized intumescent seals. These seals expand in heat, creating a barrier against flames and smoke.

Beyond the Basic

Many of our fire doors offer additional features like smoke seals for further protection, sound reduction properties for a quieter environment.

Professional Installation: The Key to Maximum Fire Protection

While purchasing a top-quality fire door is essential, ensuring it's installed correctly is paramount to its effectiveness. Here's why professional installation matters:

Precision is Key: Fire doors must fit seamlessly within their frames. Even small gaps can compromise their ability to contain fire and smoke. Expert installers possess the knowledge and skills for perfect placement.

Attention to Detail: Fire doors require specialized hardware, intumescent strips, and seals. Experienced installers understand the importance of each component and how to correctly fit them for optimal performance.

Compliance Assurance: Professional installers are familiar with building regulations and fire safety codes, ensuring your doors meet all necessary standards.

Some Of Our Best Selling Fire Doors

Invest in peace of mind and protect what matters most with certified fire doors.
Don't wait – upgrade your fire safety today with Vibrant Doors.

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