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Hemlock External Doors

Hemlock is a versatile and low-cost solution for external doors. With an attractive, natural look, it can be sanded to a smooth finish that will fit in with any home. A durable and versatile material, Hemlock only gets better with age, so your door will continue to look great and stand up to the elements for years to come. All this for a great, low price. Shop our range of external hemlock doors below.

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Our high quality hemlock-faced external doors are constructed using a laminated fir, finger jointed core and supplied with loose pinned hemlock beads. These hemlock front and back doors feature 95mm stiles and top rails.

To more easily accommodate standard locks and handles, they are supplied with generous 10mm hemlock lippings, allowing you plenty of freedom in trimming your door to fit the openings in your home.

Our External Hemlock Doors Range

Available as either single doors or door pairs, our hemlock doors are the ideal match for any home. Perfect for use as back or front doors, you can

All our hemlock external doors are 44mm thick. All hemlock external doors are supplied unglazed with 14mm rebates to accept double glazed units.


We have the popular 2XG design with its single glazed panel, as well as the 2XGG single door and external door pair, with a second glazed panel for optimum natural light.

Choose a pattern 10 design for simplicity and brightness. This traditionally styled trade range is budget friendly too.


Our hemlock exterior doors are supplied unfinished, ready to be sanded, primed and painted, stained or varnished to suit your style, or match your door frames.

Likewise, as our hemlock doors are supplied unglazed, you can choose your glazing to suit your taste. As with our glazed doors, these doors can be fitted with either clear or frosted glass, depending on the level of privacy you require.


A hemlock external door is robust and secure. Pair it with a multi point locking system for a safe and dependable entrance.

Energy Efficiency

A natural insulator, wood is a thermally efficient material. Choose double or triple glazing to make sure these doors keep your home warm and draught free.

Quality External and Internal Doors from Vibrant Doors

When you buy a new door from us online, you can rest assured that you'll get the best service, quality and value.

All products have a 10 year guarantee and we offer fast, free delivery on all orders over £750, so you could be enjoying the perfect door in no time at all.

Our friendly team are on hand to answer any questions too. For great quality at an ever better price, shop online at Vibrant Doors!

Frequently Asked Questions


Is hemlock good for doors?

Hemlock wood is a practical choice for doors, offering durability at an affordable price. While lacking the luxury appeal of hardwoods like oak, hemlock provides a solid wood feel and can be a smart option for both interior and external door applications, especially for those on a budget.


What is a hemlock door?

A hemlock door is a type of wooden door made from hemlock timber which is valued for its smooth finish similar to oak. It’s an economical alternative, often chosen by those who prefer oak's aesthetic but are considering pine due to its lower cost. Prices range approximately from £125.00 to £300.


What colour is hemlock wood?

Hemlock wood typically displays shades from pale brown to a slight purplish tint. The sapwood may be nearly white to pale brown, usually not exceeding 2.5 cm in width. The colour distinction between sapwood and heartwood in hemlock is often subtle, creating a uniform appearance.

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