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Shaker Internal Doors

Take a moment to browse our range of beautiful shaker style internal doors below. If it’s versatility you’re looking for, shaker doors are the choice for you! While their origins date back to the 18th century, their elegantly simple design makes them perfect for use in contemporary and rustic design concepts. 

What Are Shaker Doors?

A Shaker door features a flat, recessed central panel framed by a clean, simple rectangular border. Its design is rooted in the principles of simplicity and functionality, making it a timeless choice that complements various interior styles without ornate details. This minimalist aesthetic makes it a popular choice for both cabinets and interior doors.

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Oak Shaker 1 Light - Frosted Internal DoorsOak Shaker 1 Light - Frosted Internal Doors
From £114.99 View Sizes
Shaker Glazed White Internal DoorsShaker Glazed White Internal Doors
From £89.99 View Sizes
Shaker Glazed White - FrostedShaker Glazed White - Frosted
From £108.99 View Sizes
White Shaker 1 PanelWhite Shaker 1 Panel
Climadoor (3)
White Shaker 1 Panel
From £79.99 View Sizes
Oak Shaker 4L - Clear Glass Internal DoorsOak Shaker 4L - Clear Glass Internal Doors
From £107.99 View Sizes
Oak Shaker 4L - Frosted Glass Internal DoorsOak Shaker 4L - Frosted Glass Internal Doors
From £111.99 View Sizes
Shaker 4P Oak Internal DoorsShaker 4P Oak Internal Doors
Climadoor (5)
Shaker 4P Oak Doors
From £89.59 View Sizes
Oak Shaker 4P - Prefinished Internal DoorsOak Shaker 4P - Prefinished Internal Doors
From £127.99 View Sizes
White Shaker 4L Clear GlassWhite Shaker 4L Clear Glass
From £102.99 View Sizes
White Shaker 4L Frosted GlassWhite Shaker 4L Frosted Glass
From £112.99 View Sizes
White Shaker 4 Panel Internal DoorsWhite Shaker 4 Panel Internal Doors
From £87.99 View Sizes
Oak Victorian 4 Panel Shaker Internal DoorsOak Victorian 4 Panel Shaker Internal Doors
From £104.99 View Sizes
Oak Shaker 1 Light - Clear Internal DoorsOak Shaker 1 Light - Clear Internal Doors
From £109.99 View Sizes
Shaker 4 Panel - Prefinished Internal DoorsShaker 4 Panel - Prefinished Internal Doors
From £121.50 View Sizes

More Information

Shaker doors get their name from the 18th century religious order that created them. The ‘Shaker Society’ was the nickname given to a religious group called the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, who were known for their lively dancing during religious ceremonies. 

An offshoot of the Quakers, the Shakers originated in Manchester, before making their way to the newly established colony of New England. Using the native pine and cherry trees, they became justly renowned for their superb woodwork, which focused on quality craftsmanship with simple design. Their belief was that the simplicity of the designs was a way of honouring God. 

Centuries later, the designs of shaker-style doors are still widely praised for their humble beauty, simplicity and versatility. 

Our Range

The great thing about these doors is that they lend themselves to an incredible range of architectural styles and internal design concepts. Whether you call a beautiful country cottage your home, or dwell in a perfectly appointed urban apartment, you can integrate shaker doors into your interior. 

We have a huge range of different styles available, in a variety of sizes, colours and finishes. There really is a shaker door for every home. Just take a look at our range…

Single Panel 

Single panel shaker doors are composed of a single timber or glass panel within a timber frame. Their unobtrusive design makes them a great option for all kinds of properties and design concepts. Take a look at this white shaker 1-panel door from Climadoor. Or the subtleties of this oak fully-finished 1-light frosted shaker door.

2 Panel 

2 panel shaker doors will bisect either horizontally or vertically with two panels either at the top and bottom or left and right of the door leaf, like this beautiful white Shaker 2 panel internal door by PM Mendes. Again, one or both panels may be glazed in order to allow more natural light into the living space. Check out this modern white Shaker door by Climadoor.

4 Panel 

Many shaker style doors use 4 panels, some or all of which may be substituted with glazed lights. If you’re looking for a more traditional look, this Oak Shaker 4 Panel Door/a> from Climadoor is the perfect option for you, with a single panel occupying each quadrant of the door leaf in a classic traditional design. Alternatively, panels can be vertically stacked to create a ladder effect that is more contemporary in appearance. 

Classic Oak 

Oak is an extremely popular choice for shaker internal doors. Warm and comforting in colour, oak is also a wonderful natural insulator with great soundproofing qualities. And its enduring popularity makes it the perfect choice for shaker style doors. 

Elegant Walnut 

Walnut gives a richer and darker appearance than oak or pine, lending a touch of class to any living space. And because walnut is such a versatile wood, it looks great in both modern and traditional shaker doors. 

Fire Doors 

Many of the shaker internal doors in our collection are also available as FD30-rated fire doors. A fire door is generally thicker and more robust than a standard internal door, and has an intumescent strip that prevents fire or smoke from escaping through the gap between the door leaf and frame. 

French and Bifold Doors

If you’re looking for a dramatic flourish to add to your living space, shaker style French doors can be a bold and beautiful way to transition between spaces such as from the living room to the dining room. French doors and room dividers use panels of clear or frosted glass to flood the space with light while also giving you the option of increased privacy. Take a look at these stunning oak 4 light shaker style room dividers. They are unfinished and you may use any wood stain of your choice to complement and protect the timber. Alternatively these white primed frosted French folding doors are a great way to create a stunning transition between rooms while also diffusing the incoming natural light. 

Limited floor space? Not a problem. These bifolding shaker doors fold in on themselves when opened, making a statement without consuming too much usable space. 

Why Choose Vibrant Doors?

At Vibrant Doors, we’re passionate about delivering a fantastic range of shaker internal doors at the very best prices. We stock an outstanding range of models from the UK’s most trusted manufacturers including Climadoor, LPD, Deanta and Jeld-Wen as well as frames, mouldings and hardware, all at prices well below the RRP. 

Free delivery is also available on all orders over £750, and remember that every door we sell is backed by our 10-year guarantee.


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