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Moulded Fire Doors

Expand the possibilities with super-versatile interior fire doors. Discover top quality moulded designs supplied paint grade for effortless customisation. Cost effective and easy to maintain, moulded fire doors are the ultimate investment.

Give yourself total peace of mind and buy moulded doors online now.

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Cambridge White Fire DoorsCambridge White Fire Doors
From £166.50 View Sizes
White Caprice Fire DoorWhite Caprice Fire Door
From £103.50 View Sizes
White Cottage 5 Panel Fire DoorWhite Cottage 5 Panel Fire Door
From £112.50 View Sizes
White Faro Glazed Fire DoorWhite Faro Glazed Fire Door
From £810.00 View Sizes
White Grained Classique Fire DoorWhite Grained Classique Fire Door
From £108.75 View Sizes
White Grained Colonist Fire DoorWhite Grained Colonist Fire Door
From £108.75 View Sizes
White Quattro Fire DoorWhite Quattro Fire Door
From £142.50 View Sizes
White Smooth Canterbury Fire DoorWhite Smooth Canterbury Fire Door
From £118.50 View Sizes
White Smooth Colonist Fire DoorWhite Smooth Colonist Fire Door
From £112.50 View Sizes
White Mexicano Cottage Fire Door
From £150.60 View Sizes
White Corsica Fire Door
PM Mendes Doors
White Corsica Fire Door
From £150.60 View Sizes

Explore the moulded fire doors collection

Stylish, durable, affordable. Moulded FD30 doors offer a superior fire door solution for all kinds of projects, from room transformations to professional developments. Browse modern and traditional designs at great prices and enjoy fast delivery to your home or site. 

Why choose moulded fire doors?

Sturdy and low maintenance, moulded internal doors are a cost effective alternative to standard fire doors. They provide fire protection and prevent the spread of fire while offering easy installation, simple instructions and a versatile look that can be customised to match any interior.  Ideal for public buildings and residential properties alike.

Why is selecting the right fire doors important?

Fire doors are often required in accordance with compliance. In fact, in conjunction with many laws, fire doors must be used in spaces such as an office, apartment building or new development. 

By making the safer choice in the first place, it means you'll save on fit time, money and labour costs. All while staying on top of regulations from the outset. Talk about safety made simple.

Why order with Vibrant Doors? 

Choose us for easy online shopping and quality you can trust. Plus, get the best price with VAT included. Got a question? Benefit from our expertise and passion when you contact our friendly team. What are you waiting for? It’s time for your ideas to be brought to life…

Find interior moulded fire doors to suit you

Ready to create a safe and secure living space? Shop fire rated moulded doors today. Decide from a range of styles and sizes and find exclusive designs suited to your design vision. Ideal for adding a sense of quality and craftsmanship to any property.

Gather inspiration for your next project

Wondering how to style up a moulded door? Follow us on Instagram to see photos and videos from our super-creative customers. Prefer to read up on the latest interior design trends? Refer to our blog for renovation motivation, décor ideas, DIY hacks, door maintenance advice, property development tips and lots more. 

Delve into the rest of our collection

Open up space with bi fold doors. Create a sleek look with a flush door. Shop doors with glazed panels that let extra light in. Or snap up primed doors for your next project. Prioritising safety? Find a FD30 fire door to suit you. Quick! Uncover incredible prices and exclusive offers across the site. And act now while your favourite styles are still in stock.

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If you have a question which isn't covered by one of our handy guides, why not drop us an email and we'll be happy to assist.

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