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How Do Internal Bifold Doors Work?

Internal bifold doors come in many styles, sizes, and finishes. However, they all operate in the same fashion, regardless of whether you have a 2-door bifold or a 5-door bifold.

How do Internal Bifolds Open and Close?

Bifold doors run on a track that sits at the top and bottom of the frame. Due to the flexibility of bifold doors, they can open in one or both directions, and can open inwards or outwards. For more information on door tracks, please read our All About Internal Bifold Door Tracks guide.

Are Internal Bifold Doors Customisable?

Internal bifold doors are customisable. They can be manufactured to suit your needs and your lifestyle. However you must ensure that you have enough space for them in your home. All bifold doors stack at the end of the track when they’re open. This means that you need to make sure that you have space surrounding the door to not obstruct the opening.

How do You Open an Internal Bifold Door?

To open and close a bifold door you unlock the door with a key and pull the door in one direction. The bifold doors will concertina until you reach the end of the track.

How do You Close an Internal Bifold Door?

To close a bifold door you pull the door in the opposite direction where the door panels will open and straighten out until the bifold is closed and securely locked.

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