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Internal Doors with Frosted Glass

Internal glazed doors offer a balance between privacy and the benefits of natural light. They allow light to pass through while obscuring the view, making them ideal for spaces where privacy is essential, such as bathrooms, bedrooms, entrance hallways or home offices.

Frosted glass doors also contribute to a more open and connected feel within a home, as they maintain visual continuity between rooms without sacrificing privacy. Their elegant appearance and range of designs make them an attractive addition to various interior styles.

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ISEO White 4 Light Frosted Internal DoorsISEO White 4 Light Frosted Internal Doors
From £119.99 View Sizes
Aston - Frosted Glass Oak Internal DoorsAston - Frosted Glass Oak Internal Doors
From £124.99 View Sizes
Oak Shaker 1 Light - Frosted Internal DoorsOak Shaker 1 Light - Frosted Internal Doors
From £114.99 View Sizes
Shaker Glazed White - FrostedShaker Glazed White - Frosted
From £108.99 View Sizes
Oak Shaker 4L - Frosted Glass Internal DoorsOak Shaker 4L - Frosted Glass Internal Doors
From £111.99 View Sizes
White Shaker 4L Frosted GlassWhite Shaker 4L Frosted Glass
From £112.99 View Sizes
Lincoln Oak Glazed - Frosted Internal DoorsLincoln Oak Glazed - Frosted Internal Doors
From £139.99 View Sizes
Lincoln Glazed White Frosted Internal DoorsLincoln Glazed White Frosted Internal Doors
From £119.99 View Sizes
Oak DX30 - Frosted Glass Internal DoorsOak DX30 - Frosted Glass Internal Doors
From £111.19 View Sizes
White Primed DX - Frosted GlassWhite Primed DX - Frosted Glass
From £123.99 View Sizes
Heritage Black Frosted Glass Internal DoorsHeritage Black Frosted Glass Internal Doors
From £179.99 View Sizes
Aston - Frosted Glass White Internal Doors
From £139.99 View Sizes
Modern 7P Oak Frosted Glazed Internal DoorsModern 7P Oak Frosted Glazed Internal Doors
From £153.99 View Sizes
Utah Oak Internal DoorsUtah Oak Internal Doors
LPD Doors
Utah Oak Doors
From £221.00 View Sizes

Frosted doors are not see-through as they are designed to distort and blur images, offering privacy while permitting light to pass. Their level of opacity varies from lightly etched to fully opaque, ensuring you cannot clearly see through them.

Designs & Styles

We offer a wide variety of internal glass doors so you can find the right style for your home. From fully finished to white primed and unfinished doors you can paint to match your existing decor. The right internal glazed door is just a click away.

Choose from modern or traditional styles, materials like oak and walnut and popular brands such as Climadoor and XL Joinery.

Installation & Maintenance

Installing internal doors can be manageable for DIY enthusiasts with basic carpentry skills, but we'd recommend getting a professional in for the best fit. It's crucial to follow proper steps and have the right tools to avoid common installation errors. Accurate measurement and door alignment are key to ensuring functionality and maintaining a home's comfort by providing insulation, noise control, and privacy.

For pristine glazed glass doors, weekly cleaning is recommended. Use a streak-free cleaning agent like a commercial glass cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and water. Apply with a microfiber or lint-free cloth in circular motions for a spotless finish. Remember to clean both sides for the best clarity and shine.


Explore our extensive range of the most sought-after internal door sizes, ensuring a perfect match for your needs. Our interior doors are designed with ample lippings, providing flexibility and simple trimming for an exact fit.

Frosted vs Clear Glass Internal Doors

The choice between frosted glass and clear glass depends on your privacy preferences. Frosted glass offers more privacy, making it ideal for areas where seclusion is desired. Clear glass is better for allowing natural light to flow, perfect for open, airy spaces.

Why Choose Frosted Glass Internal Doors?

Obscure glass offers an ideal balance between natural light and privacy. Homeowners choose this glass to diffuse incoming light while obscuring visibility from other rooms, ensuring a private and well-lit room.

This stylish option enhances privacy without sacrificing natural light, making them an excellent choice for both aesthetic and functional purposes in modern bathrooms and bedrooms. Frosted glass doors harmonise beautifully with various decor styles while maintaining personal space and tranquillity.

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