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Mexicano Internal Doors

Mexicano internal doors are one of our most popular and versatile door ranges. Their elegant design balances both rustic and contemporary flavours, making them a great choice for rural cottages and urban pads alike. From classic Mexicano oak doors, to a contemporary grey laminate version, take a look at our outstanding range below.

What Are Mexicano Doors?

Mexicano interior doors are an extremely popular style. Their simple design comprises a series of vertical slats within a timber frame, with recessed grooves between the slats. This is the key to the range’s versatility. The clean lines and pleasing geometrics of the vertical panels make them a great choice for more contemporary interior design concepts. However, the reassuring look and feel of the wood grain combined with a choice of finishes also make it a great fit for traditional, rural and cottagecore aesthetics.

Mexicano Oak Internal DoorsMexicano Oak Internal Doors
Climadoor (159)
Mexicano Oak Doors
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Mexicano Oak - Prefinished Internal DoorsMexicano Oak - Prefinished Internal Doors
From £111.99 View Sizes
Mexicano Oak 6L Glazed Internal DoorsMexicano Oak 6L Glazed Internal Doors
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Mexicano Glazed White Internal Doors
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Mexicano White Internal DoorsMexicano White Internal Doors
LPD Doors (4)
Mexicano White Doors
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Mexicano White Bi-FoldMexicano White Bi-Fold
From £284.00 View Sizes
Oak Mexicano 4 Light Internal Doors
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White Mexicano Cottage Internal Doors
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Our Mexicano Doors Range

The Mexicano internal door range is celebrated for its versatility. Not only does the style blend in wonderfully with all kinds of interior aesthetics, it also features a huge range of variations to ensure a perfect fit with your intended design concept.

Mexicano oak doors have a wonderfully warm and welcoming appearance that is easy to integrate into the look of any home. They also work well with modern or traditional style decor. We offer a variety of sizes to fit most standard internal door openings, along with generous lippings to make it easy to get the perfect fit. 

Take a moment to browse our range and you’re sure to find the following…


Sometimes you want to choose your own woodstain or seal to protect the timber while also subtly enhancing the natural beauty of the wood grain. Fortunately, our range includes a number of unfinished models like this beautiful and budget-friendly Mexicano oak door by Climadoor.

Our collection also includes a number of glazed options. These unfinished oak doors can be treated with your choice of wood stain or varnish. Alternatively, a primer can be applied before painting them in a colour of your choice. 


Looking for a Mexicano door that’s ready to hang? Look no further! Our fully-finished Mexicano door range uses a finish that celebrates and accentuates the natural majesty of the wood grain, with a rich and warm appearance that’s perfect for use in homes of all kinds. 

If you’d prefer a glazed option, we have models that use either clear or frosted glass. Our Mexicano glazed doors are available half glazed or with single large glass panels running their full length.

Solid Oak 

Most oak Mexicano doors are made of an oak veneer surrounding an engineered core. However, there are also solid oak models available. Our Mexicano oak internal doors offer extra weight and heft while also enhancing the thermal and sound insulation for which oak is justly known. 


If you’re looking for a door that you can paint yourself without the time and effort of applying a coat of primer, look for one of our white-primed Mexicano doors. 

You can paint over this coat of primer with white paint or any other light colour of your choice. Please note that we do not recommend hanging white-primed doors without painting them. This is because the primer is less resilient than paint and may be more prone to wear, scuff marks, damage or staining. 


Grey internal doors add a cool and contemporary flourish to your interiors. With a slightly distressed quality, they are a great choice for shabby chic and cottagecore interiors.   

Mexicano Fire Doors

Many of the doors in the Mexicano range are FD30 fire-rated. This means that they have been rigorously tested according to British Woodworking Federation guidelines, and will keep fire at bay for a minimum of 30 minutes as long as they are properly installed. 

These doors are thicker than standard sized doors, at 44mm. They also feature an intumescent strip that expands upon reaching temperatures of 200 degrees celsius. This prevents heat and fire from escaping if a fire should break out. Some may also be fitted with cold smoke seals to prevent smoke from escaping through the gap between the door leaf and frame.

In order to be compliant, fire doors must be fitted by a registered professional and use a deeper fire door frame with CE-certified hinges. 

Folding Doors and Room Dividers

Are you looking for a door that makes a statement? Mexicano room dividers are a charming alternative to conventional French doors. Because they fold in on themselves when opened, they are a great option for rooms where floor space is limited. 

The Mexicano range also features bifold door models, for further space savings. These are available both fully-finished and unfinished.

Why choose Vibrant Doors?

At Vibrant Doors, we’re proud to stock an eclectic range of Mexicano doors to fit most conventional door openings, as well as frames, mouldings and hardware at prices well below the RRP. We’re committed to combining outstanding choice with exceptional value for money, which is why we also offer free delivery on all orders over £750.

What’s more, each and every door we sell is backed by a 10-year guarantee. So you can enjoy lasting peace of mind when you choose our doors. Why not try giving the exterior of your home a facelift too? Shop our patio doors or external door range to find your perfect doors. 

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