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Internal Bifold Doors for Wardrobes

Bifold doors are most often used externally, as a way to bridge the gap between inside and outside. They’re also popular because they let an abundance of natural light into the home, and can even help you reduce your energy bills. 

Today, however, bifold doors are gaining popularity inside the home.

Bifold doors are a great alternative to standard internal doors. You can open up your home’s interior without committing to 24/7 open-plan living. They enable you to create a large open space, with the option to close spaces off when needed. Our bifold doors are custom-made and can include double or triple glazed glass for greater soundproofing.

Not only can you use bifold doors to open up your home, you can also use them as cupboard doors - specifically wardrobe doors. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the uses of bifold doors on wardrobes.

Can I Use Bifolds as Wardrobe Doors?

Bifold doors are perfect for wardrobes. They’re simple to install, take up little room, and look great.

Much like sliding doors, bifold doors run on tracks, with one at the top and the bottom of the frame. This allows the door to operate with a simple push of the main door.

If you decide to install a bifold door in replacement of your current wardrobe door, it’s important to think about how much space you have. Bifold doors open in a concertina-fashion. This means that when the bifold doors are completely open, there’ll be a stack of door panels to one side. Make sure you have zero obstructions surrounding the bifold door.

Many people are put off by incorporating bifold doors into the bedroom as they typically feature glass panels. However, internal bifold doors can be custom-made to suit your style. If you want a solid bifold door, you can have just that.

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However, bifold wardrobe doors with glass panels can really help maximise space. If you have fitted wardrobes that cover the entire length of your wall, glass-panelled bifold doors will help make the room feel bigger and brighter.

We understand that having see-through doors for your wardrobe can sound daunting - not everyone wants to see inside their closet all the time - but it is a great incentive to create a more aesthetically pleasing wardrobe. You could colour coordinate your clothes, or just keep on top of any mess in general.

What’s more, glass internal bifold doors make a bold statement - especially if your bedroom is very minimal and simplistic in design.

How Do You Modernise Wardrobe Doors?

If you don’t already have bifold doors installed in your bedroom, the first step to modernising your wardrobe door is to replace the doors with a bifold.

But what if you already have bifold wardrobe doors, but they just need a bit of a revamp? The majority of internal bifold doors are made from wood, so will be easy to repaint or refinish.

That said, you can find specialist paint for all types of bifold door materials so it should be simple to update them, whatever they’re made from.

If you have plain white walls, why not make a statement by injecting some colour into your bifolds? Choose a bold red or yellow to add warmth to your room, or for a darker more contemporary feel, you can’t go wrong with black. 

You could also modernise your wardrobe doors by upgrading the hardware. Over time, hinges and handles can become discoloured or disfunctional. Upgrading your hinges, locks, and handles can instantly add class to your bifolds.

Installing aluminium handles and locks look great against dark bifold doors. If you don’t want to go to the effort of painting your bifold doors, new metal hardware is a great way to upgrade, with minimal time and expense.

So Should You Choose Bifold Doors for Your Wardrobes?

Bifold doors are a great addition to any home. When used internally, they help create the feel of a lighter, larger and more contemporary home.

Bifold doors come in many sizes and materials to suit any budget. Ours are also custom-made, so you can be in control of the entire process.

If you need to upgrade your wardrobe doors, you should definitely consider bifold doors.

If you need help with the sizing or painting of your bifold doors, please take a look at our guides on Internal Bifold Door Sizing and Painting Internal Bifold Doors: A Step-By-Step Guide.

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