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35mm Fire Doors

Our 35mm fire doors are designed to offer all the benefits of thicker fire doors, whilst keeping a slimline profile. Each carries an FD30 fire rating and has been rigorously tested to ensure it offers the requisite level of protection. Our 35mm fire-rated doors are available in a wide range of styles to complement our standard internal doors and ensure a consistent look throughout your home. See for yourself below.

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Our 35mm Fire Doors Range

We pride ourselves on our outstanding range of fire doors. While most are 44mm thick FD30-rated fire doors, or 54mm FD60-rated fire doors, there are slimmer options available. Although these are less commonplace, there is still a great variety available to satisfy all tastes, styles and interior design concepts, from contemporary designs to doors with a more traditional appearance. You're sure to find the perfect door for your home.

35mm Oak Fire Doors

Oak is one of the most versatile and beautiful timbers on the market and a firm favourite for internal doors. Our 35mm oak fire doors consist of a stunning oak veneer surrounding a solid core. As well as providing outstanding fire protection, the solid construction of our oak fire doors also offers great sound and thermal insulation, making your home more comfortable while protecting your household in the event of a fire. 

Take a look at this stunning Oregon oak 35mm 4 panel fire door from Jeld-Wen, which can be finished at home in any way you wish before hanging. 

35mm Fire Door Blanks

Fire door blanks, like this paint grade 35mm fire door blank by Jeld-Wen,  are designed to fit flush with the door frame. This provides a discreet and minimalist appearance which lends itself perfectly to all kinds of contemporary interior design concepts. They are just at home in offices and commercial premises as they are in houses and apartment buildings. They can also be painted in any colour you wish to create a seamless fit with your home decor. 

35mm White Primed Fire Doors

White primed doors offer a pristine and highly versatile effect that looks beautiful in any home. These doors can be painted over in white or any colour of your choice, thanks to the smooth base coat of primer. However, we do not recommend hanging them directly as the primer is less resilient to damage and wear than a coat of paint. 

Can Fire Doors be 35mm?

Yes, absolutely! Most fire doors are 44mm in thickness, which may give shoppers pause when they see a 35mm fire door. However, a 35mm fire door (also known as a slimline fire door) may still be FD30-rated. This means that it meets the rigorous testing standards of the British Woodworking Federation, and can withstand fire and smoke for a minimum of 30 minutes. In most domestic settings, this is ample time to evacuate the property and alert the emergency services. 

In other words, 35mm slimline fire doors are just as safe and effective as their 44mm counterparts. Plus, they can be installed in a standard-sized fire door frame. 44mm fire doors, on the other hand, need to be installed in a 44mm fire door frame in order to provide a flush fit between the door and the frame or the door set would not be compliant with Building Regulations. 

How Can You Tell if a Fire Door is Compliant?

While 35mm fire doors may be slimmer than their conventional counterparts, they may still be compliant with Building Regulations as long as they are properly installed by a registered professional. Looking carefully at a 35mm fire door and its hardware will help you to identify whether a fire door is compliant.

Open the door and you should find a rubbery intumescent strip running around the door frame. This expands when ambient temperatures exceed 200 degrees Celsius, preventing heat from leaking between the door leaf and frame in the event of a fire. It may also have a cold smoke seal which is raised slightly and has a fuzzy texture. This prevents smoke from seeping through the gap between the leaf and frame.

This gap should be 3mm in width to ensure that the fire door is effective and compliant. The gap can be no more than 4mm and no less than 2mm. 

Please note that slimline fire doors must be installed in a fire door frame. They cannot be installed in a standard door frame, which does not have sufficient density to withstand a fire. They also cannot be installed with regular hinges, which may melt, warp or buckle in the event of a fire. They must be outfitted with CE-registered fire door hinges. 

Always follow fitting instructions, and if in doubt, enlist the help of a professional.

Why Get Your Fire Doors From Vibrant Doors?

35mm slimline fire doors provide outstanding fire safety combined with a discreet slim appearance. At Vibrant Doors, we ensure that you get the best selection of fire doors at the best price. We offer doors from the UK’s favourite manufacturers, as well as the frames, mouldings and hardware you need to install them successfully. We even offer free shipping on all orders over £750, and each and every door we sell is of the highest quality and backed by our 10 year guarantee. So you can enjoy peace of mind alongside outstanding fire protection.

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