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Clear Glass Internal Doors

Internal doors with clear glass offer numerous benefits that enhance the overall appearance of a home. These clear glazed internal doors facilitate the flow of natural light, creating brighter and more welcoming spaces while reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Additionally, clear glass doors promote visual connectivity between rooms, making smaller spaces feel larger and more open. Their aesthetic appeal and versatility make them suitable for various settings, while their ease of maintenance and acoustic properties add to their practicality. Why wait? Browse the great selection of clear glazed doors and brighten up your home in an instant.

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Mexicano Oak 6L Glazed Internal DoorsMexicano Oak 6L Glazed Internal Doors
From £137.99 View Sizes
Aston - Clear Glass Oak Internal DoorsAston - Clear Glass Oak Internal Doors
From £119.99 View Sizes
Shaker Glazed White Internal DoorsShaker Glazed White Internal Doors
From £89.99 View Sizes
Oak Shaker 4L - Clear Glass Internal DoorsOak Shaker 4L - Clear Glass Internal Doors
From £107.99 View Sizes
White Shaker 4L Clear GlassWhite Shaker 4L Clear Glass
From £102.99 View Sizes
Lincoln Oak Glazed - Clear Internal DoorsLincoln Oak Glazed - Clear Internal Doors
From £128.99 View Sizes
White Primed DX - Clear GlassWhite Primed DX - Clear Glass
From £122.99 View Sizes
Lincoln Glazed White Clear Internal DoorsLincoln Glazed White Clear Internal Doors
From £105.99 View Sizes
Oak Shaker 1 Light - Clear Internal DoorsOak Shaker 1 Light - Clear Internal Doors
From £109.99 View Sizes
Heritage Black Clear Glazed Internal DoorsHeritage Black Clear Glazed Internal Doors
From £169.99 View Sizes
Kensington Black 4L Glazed Internal DoorsKensington Black 4L Glazed Internal Doors
From £151.99 View Sizes

Internal glass doors are a popular choice for their aesthetics and the natural light they provide. When tempered or reinforced, they offer enhanced safety and durability too.

The Clear Internal Glazed Doors Range

If you'd like an internal glazed door that makes your home feel lighter and brighter, there's plenty of choice.

From half glazed internal doors to styles with full length glass panes, you can choose the option that's right for you. We have oak and white glazed internal doors as well as everything in between. Whether a contemporary half glass door or a traditional panel design suits your home, there's something to suit your décor and your budget.

You can also opt for fully finished options that are ready to fit, white primed or unfinished options that you can paint yourself.


Internal doors with glass don't have to be a safety concern in your home. Today's standards help to keep you and your family safe whilst enjoying the benefits they bring.

The best glass for internal doors is typically laminated or toughened safety glass, as it provides strength and resilience. In fact, interior glass doors must adhere to UK Building Regulations that dictate the glass be toughened or laminated for safety and strength. Ensuring compliance with these standards means that glass internal doors can be both a stylish and safe choice for your interior design.

Installation & Maintenance

Fitting glazed internal doors is no different to fitting wooden ones. We'd always recommend using a professional joiner to get the best fit with your new internal doors. Choose your door furniture to complete the installation.

It's also easy to maintain glazed interior doors. Simply keep the glass panels clean and streak free with glass cleaner or white vinegar and water.


We have a wide variety of the most popular internal door sizes to help you get the right fit. Many of our doors also have generous lippings for more flexibility and ease of trimming.

Glazed vs Wooden Doors

Glazed doors offer multiple benefits when compared with unglazed interior doors. They enhance natural light entry for a brighter, more spacious feel in homes. They also offer visibility and can improve aesthetic appeal. However, wooden doors provide privacy and allow you to close off a space completely.

Which is better, clear or frosted glass?

The choice between clear or frosted glass depends on your preferences and the door's position in your home. A frosted glass door offers privacy and a soft light effect, suiting bathrooms and private spaces. Clear glass is ideal for maximising visibility and natural light in areas like living rooms. Choose based on your intended use and design goals.

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