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Hardwood External Doors

Hardwood doors are ideally suited for both refurbishment and new build projects. Available in a range of finishes and styles, you can shop the range below.

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Cottage Hardwood M&T Clear Glazed
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Islington M&T HardwoodIslington M&T Hardwood
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Windsor Hardwood External Doors
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2XGG M&T Hardwood External Doors
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York Hardwood External Doors
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Our hardwood external doors are all manufactured from the finest dense red hardwoods. They are engineered for maximum stability, with mortice and tenon and dowelled joints available. These high quality wooden doors can be used as either front or back doors, as they are as secure as they are stylish!

Front Doors

A hardwood front door gives a smart appearance to any home, a perfect first impression! And our range of external hardwood doors has kerb appeal in spades. It's easy to create a welcoming entrance and make your home look its best. Why not match your new hardwood front door with a new back door for a co-ordinated look?

Back Doors

Our hardwood exterior doors are ideal front doors for those looking for the classic look, but we also have a sturdy range of external unglazed hardwood doors which are ideal for those joiners looking for a cost-effective solution for the back or side of a house.


It's easy to find the right hardwood external door within our great range. We offer traditional styles like the simple 4 or 6 panel, as well as more contemporary designs with decorative glass.


We offer both glazed and unglazed external wooden doors so you can choose the option to suit your home. If you love the look and light that a glazed door brings to your home, but still want some privacy, you can choose doors with smaller or narrower panels (like our Suffolk or Chigwell doors), or opt for obscure glass.

Our range of glazed hardwood doors which are ideal for letting in natural light. With a range of designs and panel configurations, both traditional and modern, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your property. For even more light, why not add some matching sidelights to your door? And if you love hardwood, consider our internal hardwood doors range for a co-ordinated look throughout your home.


You can choose a prefinished or unfinished door to give you the style you need. Unfinished doors are the perfect choice if you'd like to paint them a specific colour to match your exterior.


The doors in this range are made from either engineered hardwood or hardwood composite for optimum strength and stability. Hardwood doors are renowned for their security benefits. Their solid and durable nature offers strong resistance against forced entry, making them a top choice for homeowners prioritising safety. Hardwood's durability contributes to its reputation as a secure material for exterior doors.

Energy Efficiency

External doors must be built to withstand the elements, and our hardwood range is no exception. Wood doors are excellent insulators, providing effective thermal insulation when combined with quality draught excluders and sealants. They also provide natural soundproofing, as the density of wood absorbs sound waves well, reducing noise transmission.

Wooden doors can be energy efficient when properly constructed with insulating materials and energy-saving technologies. Such doors are designed to reduce heat transfer, helping maintain indoor temperatures and potentially lower energy costs. Double glazed panels ensure that these doors remain energy efficient and keep heat inside where it belongs.

Installation and Maintenance

We'd recommend using a carpenter or joiner to expertly fit hardwood front doors. Carpenters specialise in door installation and can ensure your front door is securely and properly set up, considering factors such as alignment, security, and functionality. Costs can vary based on door material and additional fittings.

Our external timber doors can be trimmed to get an exact fit. All our hardwood exterior door ranges come 44mm thick and are supplied with generous lippings to allow trimming on site for those tricky refurbishment projects. Always measure precisely and use the right tools for a clean finish, or employ a professional.


Here at Vibrant, we're committed to helping the environment in any way we can, so we also love hardwood for its sustainability - hardwood trees have a high regrowth rate. The high quality timber is sourced from sustainable forests so you can have peace of mind as well as finding the perfect door.

All this, and they're available at great prices too! Shop our external hardwood door range online now and let your home make an unforgettable first impression.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Are Hardwood Doors Made Of?

Our hardwood external doors are made from a variety of materials. Contrary to the name, not all hardwoods are in fact hard (balsa is an example of a soft hardwood). The name comes from the fact that the seeds from "hardwood" trees have a hard protective covering. Oak, elm, beech, hemlock, mahogany and walnut are all examples of hardwoods commonly used in furniture and door-making.


Are hardwood doors expensive?

Hardwood doors are generally considered a premium option due to their durability and aesthetic appeal, and they can be more expensive compared to other materials. However, the cost can vary based on the type of hardwood and the door's design, with some budget-friendly versions available.


How much does a wooden front door cost UK?

In the UK, a wooden front door typically costs between £150 - £500. This price is for the door alone and does not include installation fees. Prices may vary based on wood type, design, and door size. It's important to factor in the additional cost of professional fitting for a complete budget estimate.


Can an exterior door be solid wood?

Yes, an exterior door can be solid wood. Solid wood doors enhance curb appeal with their durability and rich visual appeal. Available in various styles and sizes, they can be customized with decorative options to match your home's aesthetic. Solid wood doors offer a timeless look and robust construction.

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