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Cottage Internal Doors

Doors for cottages need to look the part, helping to create a cosy atmosphere. In our range you’ll see models to suit all tastes and interior design concepts, from period properties to modern homes. These traditional, yet highly versatile doors lend themselves to a wide range of styles and suit both rustic and contemporary interiors. 

Give your home’s interior a touch of rustic charm, and get that traditional cottage feel with our internal cottage doors. We stock a great range of styles, sizes and finishes to add character and assure the perfect look for your home. 

Mexicano Oak - Prefinished Internal DoorsMexicano Oak - Prefinished Internal Doors
From £111.99 View Sizes
Mexicano Oak Internal DoorsMexicano Oak Internal Doors
Climadoor (159)
Mexicano Oak Doors
From £81.99 View Sizes
Mexicano Oak 6L Glazed Internal DoorsMexicano Oak 6L Glazed Internal Doors
From £137.99 View Sizes
Iseo Oak Solid Core - PrefinishedIseo Oak Solid Core - Prefinished
From £116.99 View Sizes
White ISEO Prefinished Internal DoorsWhite ISEO Prefinished Internal Doors
From £78.99 View Sizes
Suffolk White Prefinished Internal DoorsSuffolk White Prefinished Internal Doors
From £73.99 View Sizes
Oak Shaker 1 Light - Frosted Internal DoorsOak Shaker 1 Light - Frosted Internal Doors
From £114.99 View Sizes
Shaker Glazed White Internal DoorsShaker Glazed White Internal Doors
From £89.99 View Sizes
Shaker Glazed White - FrostedShaker Glazed White - Frosted
From £108.99 View Sizes
White Shaker 1 PanelWhite Shaker 1 Panel
Climadoor (3)
White Shaker 1 Panel
From £79.99 View Sizes
Oak Shaker 4L - Clear Glass Internal DoorsOak Shaker 4L - Clear Glass Internal Doors
From £107.99 View Sizes

Our Range

Take a moment to browse our selection of traditional cottage doors. 

Unfinished Doors

Our unfinished cottage doors can be finished, painted or stained in whatever way you wish to provide a more cohesive fit for your home’s interior design. Combined with the right hardware, our cottage-style doors can add a comforting and homely flourish that fits perfectly with the rest of your interior.

Gorgeous Glazed Doors

You’ll also find many glazed cottage doors within our internal door selection. These are perfect for households that need more natural light flowing from one room to the next. Take a look at the deliciously quaint white 4 light clear glass cottage door by XL Joinery.

White Primed for Easy Finishing

White primed cottage internal doors combine a time-honoured rustic aesthetic with the fresh and airy feel that comes with pure white. Like the elegantly simple Mexicano white primed door from PM Mendes. These white primed doors are designed to be painted or varnished over prior to hanging. We do not recommend hanging white primed doors immediately, as the primer is less resilient to wear and stains than paint. 

Oak Cottage Doors

Oak is a material that lends itself very well to cottage doors. A great natural insulator, and one of the most resilient woods on the market, oak also has a beautifully rich and warm appearance that adds a cosy touch to any interior. 

Bi-folding Cottage Doors

Bifold doors are a fantastic option in rooms where floor space is limited as they are designed to fold in on themselves when opened, enabling them to take up much less usable space in your home. 

Fire Doors

You don’t have to sacrifice fire safety to get the look you want. Our range also includes a great selection of FD30-rated fire doors. These are designed to contain fire and smoke for at least 30 minutes. 

What Are Cottage-style Doors?

Cottage style internal doors, also known as farmhouse doors are a traditional design that goes back centuries. This simple yet striking style features slender vertical panels running down the full length of the door. Some models will frame the panels within a border, while some will feature the panels running from one edge to the other. 

What Is a Ledged Door?

A ledged door is a simple and traditional wooden door design consisting of vertical planks held together by horizontal bars called ledges, usually featuring three or more. For added stability, a diagonal brace often runs across the back. This robust construction makes it ideal for utility or internal use in rustic settings.

Why Choose Cottage Doors?

A cottage door is a great choice for those who love traditional, time-honoured designs and want to bring a rustic touch to their internal decor. Those who love the farmhouse and cottage core looks (both of which are extremely fashionable at the moment), or owners of barn conversions, will find this a cosy, comforting addition to their interior. 

That said, cottage doors are also extremely versatile and their simple geometric design lends itself well to more contemporary properties too. With such a huge range of styles, sizes and finishes available, cottage doors are a fantastic fit for virtually any home. 

The Vibrant Doors Difference

Complete your farmhouse aesthetic with our fantastic range of internal cottage doors from Vibrant Doors at prices well below the RRP. Complete the aesthetic with our range of internal door handles and hardware to achieve a perfect fit with your home’s interior design concept. Let our experienced and highly knowledgeable team guide you to the perfect cottage door for your home. And don’t forget, we offer free delivery on all orders over £750. What’s more, all our doors are backed by a 10-year guarantee. 

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