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Walnut Fire Doors

Our walnut fire doors offer the same style and high-quality finish as our walnut internal doors, with an added safety benefit. Each of these doors carries an FD30 rating, allowing it to conform to building regulations for fire doors and giving you time to escape in the event of an emergency. Browse our range below.

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Seville Walnut Fire DoorSeville Walnut Fire Door
Deanta Doors (1)
Seville Walnut Fire Door
From £225.75 View Sizes
Seville Walnut Glazed Fire DoorSeville Walnut Glazed Fire Door
From £647.25 View Sizes
Pamplona Walnut Glazed Fire DoorPamplona Walnut Glazed Fire Door
From £663.00 View Sizes
Pamplona Walnut Fire DoorPamplona Walnut Fire Door
Deanta Doors (2)
Pamplona Walnut Fire Door
From £247.50 View Sizes
Kensington Walnut Fire DoorKensington Walnut Fire Door
From £303.75 View Sizes
Portici Walnut - Prefinished Fire DoorPortici Walnut - Prefinished Fire Door
From £266.71 View Sizes
Tigris Walnut Fire DoorTigris Walnut Fire Door
From £298.50 View Sizes
Walnut Nova Prefinished Fire Door
From £300.68 View Sizes
Walnut Iseo Fire Door
PM Mendes Doors
Walnut Iseo Fire Door
From £296.63 View Sizes
Walnut Iseo 4L SS Fire Door
From £825.75 View Sizes
Walnut Aspect Fire Door
PM Mendes Doors
Walnut Aspect Fire Door
From £258.90 View Sizes

The Range

When you shop for a walnut fire door, there's no need to compromise style for safety. Many of our standard internal walnut doors are available as fire door options too, so you'll hardly notice the difference.

Walnut doors are definitely having a moment and it’s easy to see why - the warm tones & modern look of these doors add unbeatable style to any home. Many of our doors are made using a solid core and a walnut veneer, combining safety with aesthetic appeal.

You can choose a walnut door with glazing or a flush or panelled design. Select from a range of standard sizes to get the perfect fit, and enjoy the natural beauty of the warm, walnut timber. With stunning wood grain patterning, you'll love the look and feel of these doors.

Fire Safety

Made from high quality materials, these doors will protect your home from flames and heat in the event of a fire. With an FD30 rating, you'll get 30 minutes to use your escape route to safely exit your property. Such safety features can save lives so they're well worth installing in your house. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Are walnut doors good?

Walnut doors are an excellent choice, offering both beauty and resilience. This robust wood is less prone to warping and cracking, ensuring longevity even under environmental stress. Moreover, staining or sealing enhances its protection, making walnut doors a practical and stylish investment for any home.


Which is better oak or walnut?

Selecting between oak and walnut depends on your needs. Oak offers superb durability and cost-efficiency, ideal for sturdy, everyday furniture. Walnut stands out for its sophisticated look, favored in high-end, contemporary designs. Choose oak for longevity and affordability, or walnut for a luxurious aesthetic.

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If you have a question which isn't covered by one of our handy guides, why not drop us an email and we'll be happy to assist.

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