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Glazed Fire Doors

Fire doors don’t need to be bland and featureless, favouring function over form. Our range of glazed fire doors below proves that! Each of these doors features glazed panels, allowing light to flow through your home, with both clear and frosted glass available in all styles. Not only that, but each door carries an FD30 rating, ensuring it complies with building regulations, providing you peace of mind, and giving you time to get to safety in an emergency. Explore our glass internal fire door range below.

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ISEO White 4 Light Fire DoorISEO White 4 Light Fire Door
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Pamplona Glazed White Fire DoorPamplona Glazed White Fire Door
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Seville White Glazed Fire DoorSeville White Glazed Fire Door
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Our Glazed Fire Doors Range

Fire doors are a legal requirement in domestic properties of two storeys or more. They are essential in ensuring a safe exit from your property in the event of a fire. In buildings of shared occupancy like flats and student houses, they are required for every door that connects a living space with a communal area like a corridor or stairwell.

They are thicker than other internal doors. Fire doors, even internal fire doors with glass, are 44mm in thickness, while most internal doors vary between 35mm and 40mm in thickness. Fire-rated glass doors use a special kind of glass made from either ceramic or borosilicate to provide a beautiful view and admit plenty of light without compromising on fire safety.  

Take a look at our range of fire-resistant glass doors and you’ll see that we cater for all needs and aesthetics.  

FD30 Fire-rated Doors

Most of the doors in our glazed fire door range are FD30 glazed doors. These are rigorously tested and certified to keep smoke and flames at bay for at least 30 minutes. This is usually more than enough time to evacuate the property and get everyone in the home to safety. However, we also offer select FD60 fire doors  which can keep fire at bay for around an hour. 

Clear Glazed Panel Fire Doors

Our range of glazed fire door options features clear glass with lights in a range of sizes and styles. Those looking for a clean contemporary look will appreciate options like our P10 glazed fire door from Climadoor. While those looking for a more solid door with smaller lights will find that the Augusta glazed prefinished fire door from Deanta Doors provides an equally modern aesthetic.

Our range also includes doors with bevelled clear glass like the Suffolk Oak 6 Light - Clear Bevelled Glass door from XL Joinery. Alternatively, a combination of clear and frosted glass lines can give your living space a wonderfully contemporary look. The Mexicano Oak Half Light door by LPD is a great example of this. 

Frosted Glazed Internal Fire Doors

Interior fire doors with frosted glass can allow ample natural light into your home, while also protecting your privacy – ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms. Whatever size of lights you’re looking for, you’ll find frosted glass options within our range of fire-rated internal glass doors.

Oak Glazed Fire Doors

Warm, strong, comforting and endlessly versatile, oak is a favourite material among many for internal doors. If you love oak, we have a fantastic range of styles for you. From the classic to the contemporary, our glazed oak fire doors can lend a wow factor to your living space while protecting what matters the most to you. 

Glazed Walnut Fire Doors

Those seeking a darker, richer look for their interior glazed fire doors may opt for the earthy tones of walnut. We offer glazed walnut fire doors including the Pamplona Walnut Glazed Fire Door from Deanta Doors or the Walnut Nova 1 Light Prefinished Fire Door from PM Mendes.

Finished and Unfinished Fire-rated Glazed Doors

You may choose a glazed fire door that’s already finished, or you may prefer an unfinished or primed door to finish yourself at home. That’s why we offer white primed glazed fire doors, as well as pre finished fire doors in natural, grey and black.

Why Choose Glazed Fire Doors?

The robust build and intumescent strip of your internal fire doors help to protect your household in the event of a fire. But strength and fire protection needn’t come at the expense of style and elegance, even if you want to flood your living space with natural light. Our stunning internal glazed fire doors combine outstanding fire protection with the beauty and versatility you expect from a Vibrant Doors range. 

We demand the best for our range of glazed fire doors, showcasing doors from the UK’s most trusted manufacturers, from Deanta DoorsJB Kind and XL Joinery to Jeld-Wen and  PM Mendes. Wherever your tastes lie, we have a glazed fire door for you. And with our extensive range of door handles and hardware, you can create a perfect match with your home’s aesthetic.

Why not invest in some gorgeous glazing for your exterior doors too? We have glass sliding patio doors in a wide range of styles, as well as French doors and external bifold doors. Our dedicated team of timber experts are on hand to help you find the perfect internal doors for your home. We also offer free fast delivery on all orders over £750, and all our fire doors are backed by our 10-year guarantee for long-lasting peace of mind.

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