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How Much Are Internal Bifolds?

Internal bifold doors, when compared to standard internal doors, are costly. A lot of work goes into the manufacturing process and installation for bifold doors. 

What are Internal Bifold Doors?

A standard internal door is usually a timber door with little material used for the core. Whilst there isn’t anything wrong with standard doors, bifold doors are usually made of thicker and higher-quality materials. Bifold doors are usually larger horizontally meaning more material is needed in order to create them. They also contain double or triple glazed glass at their cores.

How Much are Internal Bifold Doors?

We have a vast range of internal bifold doors for you to choose from. Our bifold doors are suited for people on a budget or for people wanting to make an investment. Our bifolds start from £489 and go up to £1,399. Your overall price is decided by the material, size, and finish of your internal bifold door.

If you need guidance and advice on internal bifold doors, please take a look at our guide on How To Choose The Right Internal Bifold Doors.

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