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Victorian Internal Doors

Explore our Victorian internal door range below and find your perfect door. With a simple design that highlights the quality of both the timber and the workmanship, they’re an excellent addition to any property. Elegant yet understated, with a traditional appearance, these simple panel doors are as beautiful as they are versatile. 

What are Victorian-Style Doors?

Victorian-style doors are known for their distinctive 4-panel design which may or may not incorporate raised mouldings. Traditionally, Victorian doors were made from solid pine. However, today’s construction techniques enable construction with pine, oak, and even MDF. Victorian construction was built to last, and our range combines a time-honoured design and commitment to quality with the very best of contemporary construction. 

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Oak Victorian 4 Panel Shaker Internal DoorsOak Victorian 4 Panel Shaker Internal Doors
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Victorian Oak 4 Panel Internal DoorsVictorian Oak 4 Panel Internal Doors
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Victorian Oak 4 Panel Doors
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Victorian Oak Shaker 4 Panel Internal DoorsVictorian Oak Shaker 4 Panel Internal Doors
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Victorian 4 Panel Oak - Prefinished Internal DoorsVictorian 4 Panel Oak - Prefinished Internal Doors
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Victorian Shaker White Internal DoorsVictorian Shaker White Internal Doors
XL Joinery Doors (1)
Victorian Shaker White Doors
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White Moulded Victorian 4 Panel Internal DoorsWhite Moulded Victorian 4 Panel Internal Doors
From £50.73 View Sizes

The Range

One of the best things about Victorian internal doors is their versatility. A period door like this lends itself equally well to placement in a Victorian-era terraced property, a semi-detached new build, or even a country cottage.

The simple panelled design enables these doors to be integrated seamlessly into virtually any interior aesthetic. And because we stock internal Victorian doors in a huge variety of sizes, colours and finishes, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your home.

Let’s take a closer look.

Timeless Oak 

Oak is a perfect choice for the timeless design of a Victorian-style internal door. Its warm, rich appearance can be subtly enhanced with your choice of finish. Although we also offer a number of fully finished options too. 

As well as looking great, oak is also a natural insulator of both heat and sound, helping you to feel warmer and more comfortable in your living space.

Great Value Pine 

Pine is a more budget-friendly option than oak, while still providing a beautiful and comforting appearance that compliments the simple design of the Victorian-style design.

Pine doors are characterised by its distinctive whorls, knots and swirls, making this wood a great choice for those who love the humble beauty of the wood grain. We have fully finished options as well as unfinished Victorian pine doors.

Light & Bright Glazing 

Glazing adds even more variety to our range of Victorian doors. The panels within these doors can be replaced with glazed panes or “lights” that add a splash of natural light to any space. Clear glass provides a view into the next room, while frosted glass provides a greater degree of privacy while also slightly diffusing the light that enters into your living space. This traditional oak glazed Victorian door from Climadoor, for instance, combines a traditional look with superior modern craftsmanship. While this frosted glazed oak shaker door feels at home in both traditional and contemporary settings.

Some options also feature a combination of clear and frosted glass to create beautiful designs that accentuate the antiquated feel of these doors. Just take a look at these clear pine Victorian doors with Campion glass.

Versatile White-Primed 

White-primed doors are great for adding a light and breezy feel to your living space. With a coat of primer already attached, you can be assured of smooth and even coverage when you apply a further coat of white paint (or any other light colour). This is a great way to add a personal twist to a classic design. We have a huge range of white-primed Victorian doors both with and without glazing. 

Fire Doors

Many of our Victorian door models are available as fire doors. So you can get the look you want, along with the reassurance that comes with outstanding fire safety. 

Victorian-style fire doors are thicker than standard internal doors at 44mm in thickness rather than the conventional 35mm. They are designed with a solid engineered core as well as intumescent strips to help contain heat and smoke in the event of a fire. Cold smoke seals may also be applied to prevent smoke from seeping between the door leaf and frame. 

Our range features fire doors in a wide range of styles and finishes. These FD30-rated doors will keep smoke and flames at bay for a minimum of 30 minutes as long as they are properly installed.

Please note that fire doors need to be fitted in an appropriate fire door frame with CE-marked hinges.

Victorian-Style Doors for Any Home

Victorian doors add a distinctive yet versatile aesthetic to your living space, adding a touch of class to your décor. And because they’re made from the highest-quality materials by some of the most trusted brands, you know that they’re also built to last. 

Our outstanding range means that wherever your tastes may lie, there’s a door for every home. 

At Vibrant Doors, we’re proud to stock a huge variety of doors, as well as frames, mouldings and hardware, all at market-leading prices. Not to mention free delivery on all orders over £750. What’s more, each and every door we sell is backed by a 10-year guarantee.

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