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Front Doors

Front doors add kerb appeal and can create great first impressions, but they’re also required to be strong and hardwearing, thermally efficient and weatherproof. They help to keep your home warm and secure, whilst also welcoming visitors in.

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Cottage 4L Oak External Doors
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Stable 4L Oak External Doors
From £423.00 View Sizes
Cottage 6L Oak External Doors
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Stable 6L Oak External Doors
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Westminster Oak External DoorsWestminster Oak External Doors
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Norfolk Oak External Doors
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Goodwood Oak External DoorsGoodwood Oak External Doors
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Newbury Oak External Doors
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Modica Oak External DoorsModica Oak External Doors
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Salisbury Oak External Doors
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Empress Oak External Doors
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Majestic Oak External Doors
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2XGG Hemlock External Door Pair
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FL&B Gate / Door
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FL&B Garage Door
From £416.00 View Sizes

Whether you’re looking for a new or replacement front door you’ll find plenty of choice here at Vibrant Doors. Find the perfect front door when you shop with us online.


We offer external front doors in timber and composite, giving you the opportunity to find the material that suits your needs and your budget.

Composite Front Doors

A composite door offers many benefits, as it has been specifically engineered using a mix of materials to provide exceptional performance.

These high quality front doors are durable, low maintenance, secure and energy efficient. Their slightly higher price tag reflects the advantages they provide. Choose a secure composite external door if you're looking for something that's reliable, attractive and easy to maintain.

Wooden Front Doors

Wooden front doors are a popular choice as they look smart, are heavy duty and withstand the weather. Our solid wood front doors range includes sturdy oak and hardwood doors both with and without decorative glass panels that let in the light.

A timber door does need regular maintenance to keep it in top condition, but will have a long lifespan if taken care of. You can also create the perfect entrance door by choosing an unfinished option and painting to suit your home. That way, the door colours available are endless!


We offer a range of both traditional and modern styles that suit a variety of tastes and budgets so you’re sure to find something that’s right for your home. From traditional panel doors to modern glazed designs, there's something to suit your home.

Many patterns are available in double and triple glazed options including leaded, frosted, bevelled or zinc. Choose your door furniture to complete the look.      


The most secure type of front door is typically a composite door. Crafted with a blend of materials, composite doors are engineered to offer enhanced security, thermal efficiency, and durability, making them a superior choice for home security. They are robust, resistant to weathering, and have advanced locking mechanisms.

All our external doors feature solid-core construction, such as composite, solid wood, or engineered wood. These materials offer enhanced security compared to hollow-core doors. For optimal protection, consider a composite front door with a multi-point locking system.

Energy Efficiency

A new front door can significantly save energy by providing better insulation compared to an old, draughty one. By retaining more heat, you'll rely less on central heating, leading to reduced energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint. Energy-efficient doors are a smart choice for eco-friendly houses.

Homes can lose a significant amount of energy through the front door, with up to 35% of a house's heat potentially escaping. Ensuring front doors are well-maintained and properly insulated is crucial for energy conservation and reducing heat loss.

When it comes to thermal efficiency, our front and back doors are draught proof. Part L compliance is specified where applicable, helping you meet the building regulations on the conservation of fuel and power in buildings. You'll also discover the low u-values conveniently listed on the detail page of each applicable door.

Installation and Maintenance

We'd recommend hiring a professional to install your new entrance door. This will help you achieve the perfect fit and allow smooth operation.

Front doors should be cleaned regularly and wooden doors may need to be treated every two to three years. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How much should I expect to pay for a new front door?

The cost of a new front door can range from £100 to £1000 on average. Factors like material, design, and whether it's with or without installation can influence the price. For a basic wood door, expect the lower end, while high-end options or bespoke designs can increase costs. Always consider the quality and security features when budgeting for your front door investment.


What are the best front doors to buy?

When selecting the best front door, composite doors are top-rated for security and longevity. For a cost-effective yet robust choice, uPVC doors are often popular. Wooden doors offer aesthetic appeal but tend to be pricier. Choose based on your priorities: security, budget, or style.


Can I just change my front door?

Yes, you can change your front door without altering the frame if it's in good condition, by installing a new slab door. If the frame is damaged or you prefer a fresh look, opt for a pre-hung door, which includes the frame and is ready for installation.


Does a new front door add value to your home?

Yes, a new front door can enhance your home's value in the UK. Real estate experts confirm that an upgraded door improves curb appeal and can contribute to a favourable first impression, potentially increasing the property's market value. Opting for a high-quality door is often a wise investment for homeowners.


What colour is best for a front door?

The best front door colour for universal appeal and home value is a classic shade such as black, grey, white, or neutral tones. These hues are known to create a welcoming impression and can potentially increase home value by appealing to a broad range of buyers.

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