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Internal French Doors

Internal French doors make open plan living easy. Available in a range of styles, our designs are ideally suited to every type of property. Maximise natural light in your dining room. Provide easy access to your outdoor space. Or create light, airy vibes throughout your entire home. Whatever your vision, find your perfect fit today.

Traditional French Doors

French Doors

1200mm - 3000mm

Traditional internal French doors are perfect for making your home's layout feel open and flowing. They're ideal for areas of the house that you want to let the light filter through.

£341.00 - £1,451.10
Folding French Doors

French Doors

1700mm - 2900mm

Folding French doors are internal door systems that combine both the benefits of traditional french doors and bifold doors. Uniquely designed to have a central opening, but also have sidelights that can be folded right back against the adjacent walls to open up the space.

£593.00 - £1,169.00
★ Featured Product: New In Made To Measure

Black Kensington 4L Clear French Door Set

1200mm - 2900mm

This elegant and modern black glazed internal French Door systems give the modern interior designer a stylish urban look to your room.

£549.00 to £1,069.00
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Our Internal French Doors

Greenwich Black Room Divider RangeGreenwich Black Room Divider Range
From £695.00 View Sizes
Manhattan Room Divider Range
From £546.00 View Sizes
Prefinished Oak Room Divider Range
From £469.00 View Sizes
Reims Room Divider Range
From £685.00 View Sizes

A popular choice for bright and airy rooms

Browse our collection of the best double doors available – the ideal way to enhance your home. Made with the highest quality materials, our range includes the most stylish designs created to make any room shine. Don’t miss out! Order now. 

Living Rooms

Having two doors instead of one between your living room and other social areas like the kitchen or dining room can help to open up your space and make it feel bigger. An internal french door also makes a great focal point in your lounge, lengthening sight lines and adding brightness and visibility.

Dining Rooms

Finding the right internal door for your dining area can be a challenge, but an interior french door pair provides plenty of benefits. With a wider opening, it's easier to connect with the rest of the house when you're entertaining or having a family meal.


A set of internal french doors can really open up your kitchen and help with the flow of your home. Glazed door pairs allow you to see through to other rooms, helping to keep you connected whilst you're cooking. 


You can select unfinished, primed or fully finished doors from our great range. Decide whether you'd like to paint your new doors to match your decor or select something that's ready to hang. You can get the right look for your living space with ease.


Internal french doors don't have to be expensive. In fact, prices start from under £500 and more luxurious traditional french doors also come in under £1500. The style, material, size and glazing options all influence the final price of your door.

French vs Bifold Doors

The main difference between these two types of internal door is the mechanism. Bifolds slide and fold whilst French doors open up using a hinged mechanism.

French doors are generally cheaper than bifold doors due to their simpler design, requiring fewer materials and a traditional door frame, which lowers both material and labour costs. Bi-folds have more panels and complex mechanisms, contributing to a higher price point for both materials and fitting.

Sizing, Fitting and Installation

We offer a variety of sizes in our collection with different widths to allow you to find the perfect match. Most of our internal french doors can be trimmed so it's easy to get an exact fit.

Installing interior French doors can be challenging and often requires precise measurements and careful handling. While it's a demanding project, many homeowners find the elegance and aesthetic appeal they add to a room make the effort worthwhile.

We'd always recommend hiring a professional to fit your internal french doors. They have the tools and expertise to give you a better fit and smoother operation.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

It's simple to keep internal french doors well maintained and clean. Gently clean wooden frames with warm, soapy water using a soft sponge. Avoid harsh chemicals that can strip the wood's natural colour. Dry thoroughly to prevent moisture damage. Address tough spots with a gentle brush. Regular maintenance keeps doors functioning well and looking great.

For sparkling French door panes, mix a solution of warm water with a few drops of dish soap. Gently scrub the panes using a sponge, then clear the soap with a squeegee to avoid streaks, or use a lint-free cloth for a pristine finish.

Buy online with simple shopping and direct delivery

Shop with Vibrant Doors and order exactly what you need, fast. Whether you’re looking for double internal doors or room dividers, place your order online and we’ll take care of the rest. And don't forget to take a look at our collection of external French doors while you're here. Need a little guidance before you purchase? Contact our team.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are French doors?

A French door is a pair of interior double doors that open outwards via hinges. This allows full access to the whole width of the door opening - great for creating the illusion of extra space. French doors originate from 17th century France where they were first introduced as floor-length windows to let in extra light and allow access to balconies.


Are French doors in style?

French doors aren't just for the patio. With their large glass panels and sleek sightlines, these door pairs remain a classic design that feature many benefits. Adding French internal doors inside your house is a brilliant way to soak up natural sunlight, create a welcoming environment and boost property value. And with their handle mechanism and toughened glass, they’re ideal for enhancing home security too. 


What types of French doors are available?

Choose between classic white, timeless oak or striking black French doors. Great for introducing a modern twist to living rooms, bathrooms and more. 

Want something completely bespoke? Choose a set of internal french doors supplied unfinished or a white primed set. This means you can paint them in the colour of your choice. We also have a range of options in bevelled glass, clear glass and frosted glass. 


What are French folding doors?

For something different, take a look at our Frenchfold design (also known as a freefold system). This signature product combines the benefits of both French and bifold doors. The central opening access works like normal and is accompanied by sidelights that can be folded back to completely open up the space when you don't want a room partition.


How do I measure internal double doors?

We stock sizes to accommodate openings for 2 - 4 doors. This includes W4 (4-foot-wide opening), W6 (6-foot-wide opening) and W8 (8-foot-wide opening). If you've got a larger door opening, pair your internal doors with sidelights to truly maximise light flow. Oh, and don't forget to ask us about special requirements or bespoke options required for your next renovation or development project.


How do I install interior French doors?

All our double doors come supplied with frame pack, door leaves and installation instructions. Door hardware isn't included so make sure to add handles, locks and fittings to your order. You can fit your doors yourself but we'd recommend employing a professional joiner. Delve into our internal French door fitting guide for more information on installation.


Do interior French doors add value?

Interior French doors can enhance a home's aesthetic appeal, potentially making it more attractive to prospective buyers. While they don't guarantee a significant boost in appraised value, they can contribute to a quicker sale and may offer a modest increase in market value due to their visual and functional appeal.


Is there a difference between French doors and double doors?

The key difference between French doors and double doors lies in their design. French doors typically feature glass panes extending most of their length to allow natural light into a room, while double doors are often solid and may be crafted from various materials, including wood or metal, for a more traditional look.

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