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Aluminium Bifold Doors

Transform your home and garden with a stylish set of aluminium bifold doors. With slim frames and huge glass panels, they let in maximum natural light and provide a virtually uninterrupted view of your outdoor space, so you can enjoy it whatever the weather. For a modern and contemporary look, browse our range below and buy your new external aluminium folding doors online today!

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What Are Aluminium Bifold Doors?

Aluminium bifolding doors are folding sliding doors made from thermally broken aluminium. They fold back on themselves and slide along a track fitted in the ceiling and floor. This means that they can open up virtually an entire wall, while taking up very little space.

They're a great alternative to sliding and french doors, offering increased functionality. 

What is Thermally Broken Aluminium?

Thermally broken aluminium frames are vital for improving energy efficiency and keeping heating bills down. As aluminium is a highly conductive material, without a thermal break, you would lose a lot of heat and your external door frames would become very hot in summer and very cold in winter.

A thermal break is an insulating layer within the frame of the door. Similar to the layer of argon within our double glazing. It helps prevent the transfer of heat. This insulating layer can be made from a variety of materials but is most often a reinforced polyamide strip fixed in between the inner and outer profiles of the frame.

Why Choose Aluminium Bi Folding Doors?

Aluminium has been a favourite for use in commercial properties for some time, due to the fact that window and door frames can be slimmer than with other materials, creating slim sight lines. This means the glass panels in your external bifold doors can be larger, which is great for homes, shop windows and offices. In recent years, aluminium folding patio doors have become more popular in homes, thanks to the advent of thermal break technology, which reduces heat loss.

Aside from its fantastic thermal performance, aluminium doors also offer the following benefits:


As with any folding door system, the cost of your aluminium bi fold doors will depend on the size of your door opening, choice of glazing and the number of panels you need. Aluminium, while being more expensive than uPVC, is often cheaper than timber, but is also lower maintenance so will help keep costs down longer term too.


We offer our exterior aluminium bi folding doors in a range of standard sizes and panel configurations. From 1800mm 3 panel aluminium bifold doors, right up to 5 door sets to fit openings of 4800mm. But don’t worry if your door opening is smaller or larger than that, or is otherwise awkwardly sized – we provide a bespoke made-to-measure service, so anyone can have the aluminium bifold patio doors of their dreams! Just get in touch to discuss your bespoke bifold doors our experts will put together a tailored quote for you.

Are Aluminium Bifold Doors Secure?

Your home’s security is vital to us. So, our aluminium options offer all the security of our timber and uPVC exterior bifold doors. This includes multi-point locking systems, internally-beaded double glazed panels and strong, sturdy frames.

For enhanced home security, we also offer a selection of aluminium folding sliding doors from Climadoor’s Secure Range. These doors offer maximum security and peace of mind. Featuring multi-point locking systems approved by the Secured by Design initiative, as well as laminated safety glazing, they are also fully Part Q compliant.

Buy Aluminium Folding Patio Doors Online

We know you want to be able to enjoy your stunning new patio doors as soon as possible, so when you order online you’ll get fast delivery (free too, if you spend over £750). And all our aluminium bifold door systems are supplied with a full set of fitting instructions and with hardware already fitted, to make things as easy as possible. Glass is supplied separately, to be fitted after installation; this is due to weight.

We also offer a selection of uPVC bi folding doors, alongside our extensive ranges of wooden bifold doors. All products come with a 10 year guarantee.

Transform your home today with stunning aluminium patio doors from Vibrant!

All prices include VAT - meaning no hidden costs!

Frequently Asked Questions


Are aluminium bifold doors better than uPVC?

When considering whether aluminium bifold doors are superior to uPVC bifold doors, it's important to weigh their respective features and benefits, particularly in the context of functionality, durability, design, and cost.

Functionality and Performance: Aluminium bifold doors are renowned for their strength and sturdiness, which allows for larger panes of glass and thinner frames. This results in maximised natural light and better views. They are less likely to warp or bend over time compared to uPVC. uPVC doors, however, are well-regarded for their excellent thermal efficiency and sound insulation.

Durability and Maintenance: Aluminium is exceptionally durable, resistant to corrosion, and has a longer lifespan. It stands up well against harsh weather conditions, making it an ideal choice for long-term use. uPVC is also durable and requires little maintenance, but it may discolour or become brittle as it ages, especially in direct sunlight.

Design and Aesthetic Appeal: Aluminium offers a sleek, modern look and is available in a wider range of colours and finishes. Its slim profile lends a more contemporary appearance. uPVC frames are usually thicker and have a more traditional look, but the options for customisation in terms of colour and finish are somewhat limited.

Cost Considerations: Generally, aluminium bifold doors are more expensive than their uPVC counterparts. This is due to the cost of materials and the manufacturing process. While uPVC doors are more budget-friendly, it’s important to consider their longevity and potential replacement costs.

Environmental Impact: Aluminium is highly recyclable, which can be a significant factor for eco-conscious consumers. uPVC also can be recycled, but the process is more complex due to the nature of the material.

In summary, the choice between aluminium and uPVC bifold doors depends on your specific needs, budget, and preferences. If you prioritise contemporary design, slim frames, and durability, aluminium might be the better choice. However, if thermal efficiency and cost-effectiveness are your main concerns, uPVC could be more suitable.

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