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Redwood External Doors

Our European redwood external doors, gates and garage doors are a low cost solution to your refurbishment or new build project. Low cost but definitely not low quality, these doors are offered with sturdy 22mm boarding and 22mm ledge and bracing. Shop our redwood external doors range online now.

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Manufactured to a high standard using European redwood, our doors, gates and garage doors are all supplied unfinished for finishing and treatment on site to a colour of your choice.


Our redwood doors are available in a variety of styles. From doors with clear glass panels to unglazed options, gates and garage doors you have plenty of choice. With products from trusted brands like LPD Doors, you can be assured of great quality too.

Our unfinished redwood doors can be stained or painted to your taste. All exterior wooden doors and garage doors are supplied with a 14mm rebate for double glazing units.

If you need any assistance in selecting a product, give us a call on 01332 215 479. As a leading door supplier in the UK, our knowledgeable team will be on hand to assist.

If you haven't found the right external door, take a look at our front and back door ranges for more stunning styles to boost your home's kerb appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is redwood good for doors?

Yes, redwood is an excellent material for doors due to its inherent resistance to deterioration and decay. Its natural resilience combines with a distinct, rich colour that enhances over time, making it a top choice for both durability and aesthetic appeal in exterior door applications.


What is the difference between redwood and hemlock?

Redwood is known for its rich reddish hue and prominent grain, making it highly sought after for its aesthetic appeal. Hemlock, in contrast, presents a paler colour and finer, more consistent grain structure. Both woods differ in appearance and are popular in construction and woodworking for their unique properties.


Is redwood expensive?

Redwood is moderately priced, reflecting its quality, resistance, and durability. Prices may vary based on the wood's size, grade, and type. Redwood's investment value lies in its longevity and sustainability for various projects.


Is redwood long lasting?

Yes, redwood is known for its longevity as it is dense for a softwood. Grown in the conducive climate of the Pacific Northwest, redwood's dense grain contributes to its strength and durability, making it an excellent choice for outdoor construction projects.

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