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External Doors

Your external doors say a lot about your home, so imagine what a difference you could make to your kerb appeal by installing a new wooden front or back door. Aside from making a fantastic first impression, you could improve home security and energy efficiency too. Browse our range of external doors online today.

Cottage 4L Oak External Doors
From £423.00 View Sizes
Stable 4L Oak External Doors
From £423.00 View Sizes
Cottage 6L Oak External Doors
From £442.00 View Sizes
Stable 6L Oak External Doors
From £442.00 View Sizes
Westminster Oak External DoorsWestminster Oak External Doors
From £412.00 View Sizes
Norfolk Oak External Doors
From £333.00 View Sizes
Goodwood Oak External DoorsGoodwood Oak External Doors
From £548.00 View Sizes
Newbury Oak External Doors
From £373.00 View Sizes
Modica Oak External DoorsModica Oak External Doors
From £351.00 View Sizes
Salisbury Oak External Doors
From £506.00 View Sizes
Empress Oak External Doors
From £790.00 View Sizes
Majestic Oak External Doors
From £842.00 View Sizes
Cottage Hardwood M&T Clear Glazed
From £289.00 View Sizes
2XGG Hemlock External Door Pair
From £251.00 View Sizes
FL&B Gate / Door
From £104.00 View Sizes
600 Gate
LPD Doors
600 Gate
From £69.00 View Sizes

Our carefully selected external timber doors range is designed to complement our internal doors for a coherent style throughout your home. If you're looking to buy new entrance doors online, we have selected a range of softwood and hardwood doors and door frames that will add kerb appeal (not to mention value) to your home, whether it is a traditional, contemporary or glazed appearance that you’re looking for. 

Our exterior wood doors are thermally efficient, secure and made from only the finest materials. With a vast selection of styles available, including both glazed doors and non-glazed external doors (plus external door frames to match), they're sure to make you the envy of your neighbours.


Huge Choice of External Wooden Doors

Our external doors product range is manufactured using only the finest quality timber and joinery, which offers long-standing performance and a striking appearance. Choose from our great value range of hardwood doors such as oak, or softwood like hemlock or redwood. 

Front Doors

A new entrance door is ideal if you want to make a great first impression on guests and visitors. Our external front doors are attractive, secure and thermally efficient. We offer a selection of traditional and contemporary styles so you can get the perfect look for your home.   

Back Doors

Our huge range includes plenty of options for the back of your house too. From stable doors to cottage doors, you can find a secure and weatherproof choice.  

Garage Doors

You’ll also find a selection of garage doors and gates within our extensive range. These are ideal for pairing with front doors and painting to get the look you desire. 

Wooden Doors

A solid wood door is perfect for adding elegance to your home. And they're available in both modern and traditional styles, so you're sure to find the perfect external wooden doors for your home. 

Oak External Doors 

If you’re looking to make a real difference to your home, traditional timber doors can add class and a lasting style like no other. Oak is the most popular timber used in the home today. You'll find furniture, flooring, and kitchens all made from this attractive wood. Why not select oak exterior doors to match? 

You can choose the finish that suits you, too. If you're looking for something that's ready to hang right away, a fully-finished exterior wooden door takes care of that. But if you want to paint or stain your door yourself, a white primed or unfinished exterior door is your best bet.

Composite Doors

The gold standard in security and energy efficiency, composite doors are made of mixed materials to provide top performance. They offer enhanced protection for your property, so make sure you check out this popular range. 

External Door Sets

If you’re looking for an external door and frame, we also offer a range of external doorsets. These are ideal for fast installation, bigger projects or renovations.  

Fully Customisable Exterior Doors

Our external doors are fully customisable with different hardware, finishes, materials, sizes and glazing options available, so it's easy to find the perfect door for your home. Whether half-glazed or fully-glazed, our exterior doors with glass panels make fabulous features for your home. 

Our beautiful glazed hardwood external doors (for the front entrance and the back entrance) are traditional in appearance. Their sturdy construction and presence make them timeless classics, ideal if you're trying to create period authenticity. 

Choose your own accessories and door furniture, including fixings, latch and door handles, to complete the look. For our wider exterior glazed doors product range, there is a huge selection of styles designed to let light flood into your home, from single narrow glass panels to fully-glazed doors, all featuring toughened glass for safety. Our exterior doors are available in a variety of sizes so you can find the right fit for your current frame. Or why not complement your door with a set of matching sidelights?

If it's unglazed you're looking for, we also have a wide selection of unglazed external doors. Modern or traditional, hardwood or softwood, finished or unfinished, you'll find the perfect door for you here. 

And don't forget our external door frames - our selection of Malaysian oak and hardwood door frames which are perfectly suited to match your new door! 

thermal efficiency

Thermally Efficient Wooden Doors

Your external doors, just like your windows, need to stand up to weather, condensation and draughts. It's important that external doors are energy efficient to keep the heat in and the cold out.

Double glazing in our wooden external doors ensures adequate insulation. We'll specify if they are part L compliant, (helping you meet the building regulation on the conservation of fuel and power in buildings). You'll also find our low u-values listed on the detail page of each door where applicable.


External Door Security

Home safety is a key consideration when it comes to your entry doors. That's why we provide sturdy wooden front doors and back doors to keep you secure. Install with safety hinges, a multi-point locking system, or mortice deadlocks for top door security. You can also fit a door chain to exterior wooden doors more easily than uPVC doors.

In addition, all the glazing in our wooden external doors uses toughened glass. This safety glass not only offers enhanced security but helps keep your home the warmest it can be by providing thermal insulation.

We also offer highly secure composite doors that give you the best in modern construction. When you buy external doors from Vibrant, you know you're getting the best.

If you're looking for something to improve the view out to your patio or garden, don't forget to take a look at our selections of patio doors too. 

All available with a 10-year guarantee and free delivery on orders over £750. We're the timber door experts, so buy your new external door online at Vibrant Doors today!

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does an external door cost?

The cost of an external door varies widely based on material, design, and security features. On average, a new front door can cost anywhere from £500 to £3000. Prices go up for custom sizes, high-end materials, or advanced locking mechanisms. It's important to factor in installation costs as well, which can add several hundred pounds to the total expense.


What type of door is best for exterior?

The optimal choice for an exterior door is composite, known for its superior security and longevity. For a cost-effective yet robust option, consider uPVC doors. While wood doors offer aesthetic appeal, they represent a higher price point. Select based on your priorities of safety, durability, and design.


What are the best door brands in the UK?

Leading door companies in the UK renowned for their quality timber and composite doors are LPD Doors, XL Joinery, and JB Kind Doors.


Which way should an external door open?

External doors are typically designed to open inwards to enhance home security. This positioning conceals the hinges inside, preventing potential intruders from tampering with them. Inward-opening doors also resist strong winds better and avoid obstructing public walkways, making them a practical and safe choice for homeowners.


What type of front door is most secure?

The most secure type of front door is typically made of composite materials. Its robust construction offers high resistance to forced entry, being extremely difficult to compromise. Composite front doors provide superior durability and strength, thus ensuring enhanced home security against potential break-ins. They are designed to withstand significant physical impact without failing.


What is the life expectancy of a front door?

The average lifespan of a front door is typically around 30 years, but with proper maintenance, it can last much longer. Regular upkeep and prompt repairs can extend the durability of the door's hardware, seals, and glazing, ensuring long-lasting use and security for your home.

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