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Oak Fire Doors

Our oak fire doors allow you to enjoy the beauty of this gorgeous timber while also keeping your home and family safe in the event of a fire. All our internal oak fire-rated doors comply with UK Building Regulations, carrying at least an FD30 fire rating. This means they’ll keep smoke and flames at bay for at least 30 minutes. With a variety of options including modern glazed door sets, doors with panels, and flush fire rated doors, browse our extensive selection below to find your perfect door today!

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Mexicano Oak Fire DoorMexicano Oak Fire Door
Climadoor (18)
Mexicano Oak Fire Door
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Mexicano Oak Prefinished Fire DoorMexicano Oak Prefinished Fire Door
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ISEO Oak Solid Core Fire DoorISEO Oak Solid Core Fire Door
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DX 30s Style Oak Fire DoorDX 30s Style Oak Fire Door
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Modern 7P Oak Fire DoorModern 7P Oak Fire Door
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Farley Oak 5 Panel Fire DoorFarley Oak 5 Panel Fire Door
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Belize Oak Fire DoorBelize Oak Fire Door
LPD Doors (1)
Belize Oak Fire Door
From £129.00 View Sizes

Our Oak Fire Doors Range

We love the simple, elegant, classic and versatile look of oak. We think it adds a touch of class to any living space, which is why we carry an eclectic range of both oak veneer and solid oak fire doors, including internal oak fire doors designed to meet the needs of any home or commercial building.

Whether you prefer a contemporary and minimalist aesthetic, or something more ornate and classical, we have fire-resistant oak doors for you at market-leading prices. Our oak fire door range is designed with safety features that prevent flames from spreading, ensuring your peace of mind in case of a fire.


Our fire-rated oak doors are available in a wide range of styles, with sizes to suit most door frames. Typical door sizes range from 1981 x 610 x 44mm to 2040 x 926 x 44mm. However, we also offer bespoke fire doors for atypical frames. Get in touch to find out our bespoke prices.

At 44mm, oak internal fire doors are thicker than most internal doors. This is to accommodate a more robust core to enhance fire resistance. Fire doors also feature intumescent strips that run around the door’s circumference. This expands as it gets hotter, creating a seal between the door and the frame.


Within our oak internal fire door range, you’ll find a combination of fully-finished, unfinished and primed white options. We even have a large selection of oak glazed fire doors, combining the natural beauty of oak with an abundance of natural light. These are made with ceramic or borosilicate glass to ensure all the benefits of a glazed internal door without compromising their fire safety. Our range of glazed oak fire doors contains both clear and frosted glazing options.


We are proud to stock designs from the UK’s most trusted brands, such as Climadoor, Deanta Doors, JB Kind, XL Joinery,  PM Mendes, and more. No matter what your tastes and aesthetic preferences, you’re sure to find the perfect choice for your home.

Where Should You Use Fire Doors?

Fire doors are specially designed to prevent dangerous flames from entering living spaces in the event of a fire. They should be positioned to help to facilitate a safe exit from the property.  As such, they are a legal requirement leading from habitable rooms into communal areas such as stairwells and corridors.

For buildings of multiple occupancy like apartment buildings or student houses, all doors connecting your living space to communal areas must be fire-rated.

However, that’s not to say that fire doors cannot or should not be used elsewhere in the home. It may be prudent to use them wherever combustibles are used such as kitchens and garages.

Why Choose Oak Fire Doors?

Oak fire doors combine natural beauty with strength, durability, and protection, offering fire-resistant qualities that meet safety regulations without compromising on style. Our selection of oak doors perfectly showcases the versatility of oak, with a huge range of sizes, styles, and finishes.

Why Shop with us Online?

What’s more, we carry an extensive range of door handles and hardware to help you to further customise the look and feel of your doors.

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest standards of customer service alongside our outstanding product range. Our team of timber experts are on hand to help you find the right doors for your needs. We also offer free fast delivery on all orders over £750, and all our fire doors are backed by our 10-year guarantee for your peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the fire rating of a solid oak door?

It's important to note that a standard oak door may not be fire rated. However, a solid oak door may have a rating of FD30 or FD60, meaning it can resist fire for at least 30 or 60 minutes respectively. The door will be advertised as such based on the certification it has achieved. This fire protection is pivotal for enhancing home safety and adhering to building regulations.


How can you tell if a wood door is fire-rated?

To determine if a wood door is fire-rated, locate the fire label typically found on the hinge side, top, or bottom. Even if painted over, you may feel a raised label surface. Always look for certification marks or labels that indicate a fire-resistance rating, which confirms it's engineered to withstand fire for a specified time. Our wooden fire doors will be advertised online as such, so if you're buying new, check the product descriptions for full details. 

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If you have a question which isn't covered by one of our handy guides, why not drop us an email and we'll be happy to assist.

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