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Industrial Steel Look Heritage Doors

Heritage-style doors have grown in popularity over the last few years, as more and more home-owners opt for an industrial style. Slim metal frames, grid-like panels and monochrome colours are instantly recognisable as iconic mid-century design features which work well with contemporary architecture and modern interiors.

Whilst often described as Crittall-style doors, it is important to note that Crittall is a registered trademark and Vibrant Doors does not sell Crittall Windows Ltd. products, which are quite different. Our heritage-style doors can be used for room dividers, internal doors or external doors, adding a minimalist steel look to any household.

Black Heritage Roomfold Grande
From £503.10 View
Soho Black Room Divider Range
From £702.96 View
Soho Black - Clear Glass Internal Doors
From £195.75 View
Soho Solid Black Internal Doors
From £155.25 View
Heritage Black 3 Panel Internal Doors
From £139.99 View
Heritage Black Clear Glazed Internal Doors
From £179.99 View
Heritage Black Frosted Glass Internal Doors
From £189.99 View
Heritage Black 3 Panel Fire Door
From £249.99 View
Chelsea Black Internal Doors
From £155.25 View
Chelsea Clear Glazed Black Internal Doors
From £195.75 View
Chelsea Reeded Glazed Black Internal Doors
From £207.90 View
Chelsea Tinted Glazed Black Internal Doors
From £207.90 View
Dalston Black Prefinished Internal Doors
From £182.13 View
Metro Black Clear Glazed Internal Doors
From £294.75 View

What Are Heritage Steel-Look Doors?

The very first windows made with steel frames were manufactured by Francis Henry Crittall in the mid-1880s in Essex, England. Alongside timber windows and doors, steel windows were used for both commercial and domestic buildings before the advent of uPVC and other modern manufacturing materials. 

These steel-framed windows and doors were notable for their grid-like frame, usually painted in black or white paint. This look was popularised in the early to mid-1900s, with many architects choosing them to complement an industrial-style design. 

Some buildings still retain their original 20th century Crittall® windows or doors - particularly those properties built in an Art Deco or mid-century style. This is why Crittall-style doors are often referred to as heritage-style doors or industrial-style doors. Please note that this is not the correct use of the term – Crittall Windows Ltd. owns the registered trademark “Crittall” and only they are allowed to use it to describe their products. Vibrant Doors does not sell products manufactured by Crittall and we do not describe our products as “Crittall-style”, despite the wider use of the term in the industry and media to describe a general design style.

Today, there are different ways to achieve the heritage-style industrial look without having to purchase heavy steel-framed doors or windows. Modern manufacturers can produce similar industrial-style doors with a grid design made from aluminium, which is lighter and more versatile. They still have the slim frame and mid-century style, but they are cheaper to produce, easier to maintain and can be made in almost any colour.  

Architects or designers may have chosen Crittall-style doors purely because of their aesthetic appearance. However, with today’s modern manufacturing methods you do not have to compromise on safety or energy efficiency. Modern aluminium door frames have incorporated all the practicality of contemporary glazed doors, without losing the iconic design of a heritage-style door.

Why Choose Industrial-Style Doors?

  • Practicality - while traditional steel doors and timber frames need to be coated and painted (which needs maintenance over time), industrial-style aluminium doors are ready to hang, weather resistant and can last up to 40 years or more, compared to around 20 years for uPVC.
  • Strength - aluminium is naturally strong, durable and corrosive-resistant. While uPVC or timber can expand or contract over time in different temperatures, aluminium is consistently stable.
  • Clarity - the wide spacing of this grid-like design and the slim frame allows plenty of natural light to flow through the door. This is why they are popular for internal doors or room dividers. Unlike the small panes used for traditional uPVC French doors or timber patio doors, they provide good visibility between external and internal spaces.
  • Value - aluminium is lightweight and readily available, so aluminium doors are cheaper to produce than steel-framed products
  • Efficiency - modern aluminium frames are made with thermal breaks which prevents too much heat from being conducted. The break separates the frame into exterior and interior pieces, joined with a less-conductive material, which acts as a thermal barrier. The strength of aluminium also means that even with a slim frame, it can support large glass panels - and double (or triple) glazing is naturally very thermally efficient.
  • Design - this industrial look is more contemporary and modern than classic timber doors or thicker uPVC frames and can be produced in almost any RAL colour, so it can be used on a variety of different properties or different interior schemes.
  • Security - steel-look aluminium doors can be used as your main external doors, fitted with a BS certified multi-locking system and double or triple glazing.
  • Sustainability - aluminium is recyclable, making it an environmentally-friendly option.

Our Industrial-Style Heritage Range

Vibrant Doors offers a huge range of industrial-style heritage doors. Whether you’re looking for classic external doors, French doors or bifold styles, they can be used for almost any property.


  • Industrial-style French doors come in sizes from 1200mm to 3000mm
  • Aluminium bi-fold doors come in sizes from 1800mm - 4800mm
  • We also offer made-to-measure sizes for bespoke spaces


  • Aluminium doors can be fitted as your external door, fitted with a multi-point locking system
  • Our industrial-style doors can also be used as internal doors or room dividers


  • Our heritage-style doors are supplied with black handles and an ultra slim frame
  • Depending on the size and shape of your door, you can choose how many panels you have in the grid design 
  • Aluminium doors can be supplied in almost any colour
  • You can choose French double doors, sliding doors or bi-fold doors in this industrial design


  • Our external doors come with toughened tempered safety glass with a high U value 
  • The aluminium frames are ready to hang, weather resistant and thermally efficient
  • We offer a choice of security features, fire-rated doors and locking systems depending on how and where you will use your doors

How much do heritage-style doors cost?

The steel used for Crittall doors is costly to produce and more difficult to manufacture, so aluminium doors offer a more cost-effective option while maintaining the same stylish look. With aluminium heritage-style French doors starting at £1729 and six-foot bi-fold doors starting at £2649, they provide a contemporary alternative to uPVC or wooden frames without the high cost of traditional steel frames. 

To find out which type of industrial-style doors would suit your property, get in touch with our team or take a look at our wide range of aluminium doors online.

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