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Double Front Doors

Double front doors create a grand and stunning entrance to your home. Consisting of a pair of matching doors, double entrance doors can add a feature to the front of your house.

A double door is well suited to a larger property, or an entrance that receives plenty of traffic. Sidelights can be added for extra decoration, creating a richer and more luxurious feel as well as letting more natural light into the home.

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If you're looking for easy access and aesthetic appeal, double front entry doors are a great choice.

The Range

Our range of wooden double front doors are made from solid oak or hardwood to create a majestic and robust finished product. Choose a door with side panels for a larger and more imposing entrance. Glazing adds detail to the design, allowing you to select a feature pair of external doors that really suits the entry to your home.

Energy Efficiency

Your exterior door should look great but it should help to keep your home warm too. Double doors can be energy efficient when equipped with proper insulation and installed correctly. They can reduce heat loss and improve thermal performance, making them a practical option for energy-conscious homeowners wanting to lower their energy bills. Ensuring a tight fit and proper seals around the doors enhances energy efficiency and comfort in your home.


With an engineered oak core and double glazed panels, our door pairs provide a secure and safe entry point for your home.

To secure double doors, or French doors, from burglars, upgrade to high-quality locks including deadbolts or smart locks. Consider adding a security bar or reinforcement kit for extra stability. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs deter forced entries and keep your home safe.

You'll get free UK mainland delivery with any of our front door pairs, as well as arrival within 72 hours and a 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are double front doors called?

Double front doors are commonly known as "double entry doors" or "double exterior doors." These terms specifically refer to the two-door design at the primary entrance of a building, offering a grand and symmetrical aesthetic. For a more specific style, they might also be termed "French doors" when they have glass panes extending their length.


Is a double door good for a main entrance?

Absolutely, a double door is an excellent choice for a main entrance, as it enhances the visual appeal and makes a grand statement. Additionally, it offers functional benefits like easier furniture movement and accommodation of large groups, adding both aesthetics and practicality to the entryway.


Do double front doors both open?

Yes, double front doors are designed to both open. Typically, one door acts as the main entry, used daily, while the other can be opened as needed to allow for a larger entrance space. This versatility makes double doors a practical and stylish choice for wider entryways.


How much does a new double front door cost in the UK?

In the UK, the cost of a new front door typically ranges from £1,600 to £2,500 for a timber model. Prices may rise with added features like decorative glass or custom finishes. Be mindful that higher specification doors can increase the cost significantly.


Are double doors as secure as a single door?

Double doors can be equally as secure as single doors when properly installed with high-quality materials and robust locking systems. In fact, when reinforced correctly, double doors may offer enhanced security due to the additional strength provided by two door panels. Always ensure professional installation for optimal safety.


How do you fix a gap between double front doors?

Fix a gap between double front doors by installing weatherstripping or a door sweep. Measure the gap and choose a suitable material, such as foam, rubber, or vinyl. For wider gaps, you might need a door threshold. Ensure proper alignment and secure the sealant for optimal insulation and protection against drafts.

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