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Aluminium Sliding Doors

Looking for a modern and stylish patio door system for your home? Our gorgeous external aluminium sliding patio doors add a modern touch to any property. With slim aluminium frames and large glass panels, they offer an almost uninterrupted view of your outdoor space and let in maximum natural light.

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Not to mention, they’re low maintenance and thermally efficient too. Explore our aluminium sliding door system product range below and transform your home.

Lightweight, Slimline Frames

Because aluminium is so strong and sturdy, aluminium patio door frames can be slimmer than their uPVC or timber counterparts. This means that our Climadoor aluminium sliding glass doors can support larger glass panels than other doors. Not only does this mean that you get plenty of natural light (and all the benefits it brings), but you can also enjoy fantastic views of your garden, patio or balcony all year round.

Our slimline sliding doors operate within their own tracks, rather than opening out or folding like bifold doors or French doors. This means they are ideal for areas where you don’t have much floor space.

Energy Efficiency

All of our Climadoor sliding aluminium door systems are very energy efficient because they use thermally broken aluminium. This means that the door frames feature an insulating layer set between the profiles of the frame. Aluminium conducts heat, so without this thermal break layer, heat would escape too easily to the outside, sending your energy bills up.

All of our aluminium patio doors also come equipped with double-glazed panels for even better energy efficiency and low u values (the lower the u value the better), and comply fully with Part L of the latest UK Building Regulations.


Today, large sliding glass doors can be very secure. When you shop with us, there's no need to compromise on security features. Aluminium is extremely tough and durable, so the frames themselves are secure.

Internally-beaded double glazing makes the glass difficult to remove, and all doors feature multi-point locking systems. For added security and peace of mind, we offer a range of Part Q-compliant sliding aluminium doors, which incorporate toughened, laminated glass.

Sizes, Panels and Colour Options

Our high quality sliding aluminium glass doors are available in a range of sizes and specifications. We cater for all standard patio door sizes, and we can offer 2, 3 and 4 door systems for sale. With smart black, anthracite grey and white aluminium sliding patio doors available, you can add a stylish and contemporary edge to your home.

All doors are available in both twin and triple track options, depending upon the number of panels required, and you can choose your panel configuration to best suit you and your home.

We do also offer made to measure aluminium patio sliding doors, so if you’re looking for something a bit more bespoke, such as a larger size, more panels or different colour options, please get in touch. Our experts will talk through your requirements with you and help you put together your perfect patio doors.

Pricing & Costs

Aluminium sliding door costs tend to be higher then their wooden and uPVC counterparts. While aluminium may not be quite as budget-friendly as uPVC, it offers many benefits. But it’s not just the up-front cost you have to consider. Thanks to the thermally-broken aluminium frame and double glazing, these doors will help keep your energy bills down. In addition, there is virtually no maintenance required – the powder-coated aluminium frame only needs an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth – so you’ll save time and money here too!

All prices include VAT. We deliver to most UK mainland postcodes, so buy your new doors online from Vibrant today.

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