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Panelled Fire Doors

There are so many possibilities available with panel doors. From the classic Victorian 4 panel style to more modern designs with 6 or more panels, and in a range of materials and finishes, our range contains a panel door for every home. And if it’s fire doors you need, you’re in the right place. Our FD30 rated panel doors combine a timeless aesthetic with outstanding fire protection, and are designed to complement our standard internal doors, making them perfect for high-risk areas in your home.

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What are Panelled Fire Doors?

Panelled fire doors are fire doors made from flat panels sat within a wooden stile or frame. They will use an engineered solid core to enhance fireproofing, which also helps to improve thermal and sound efficiency. 

Panelled fire doors are typically thicker than a standard door. While most internal doors are around 35mm in thickness, FD30 fire rated doors are typically 44mm thick. This enables them to keep smoke and fire at bay for a minimum of 30 minutes (hence the designation FD30). Some are even thicker. FD60-rated doors are 54mm thick and can keep fire at bay for at least an hour. Their robust construction and thickness are not the only things that improve fire safety. Fire door frames are fitted with intumescent strips. These expand as they heat, preventing heat from escaping from the gap between the door leaf and frame. They may also be fitted with cold smoke seals which prevent smoke from permeating this same gap. 

Our Panelled Fire Doors Range

You’ll be astonished by how much variety there is within our range of panelled fire doors. Using panels of different numbers, shapes and dimensions enables manufacturers to create a stunning and diverse range of looks. So whatever your interior design concept, you’re sure to find a panelled fire door that looks terrific in your home. We offer doors in a range of finishes to suit your requirements, including unfinished, fully finished and white primed. All doors are available in various sizes and we also offer bespoke sizes for more awkward openings.

Join us on a brief tour of our stunning range of panelled fire doors.

Two-panel Fire Doors

Two-panel fire doors are great for those who want to add a timeless aesthetic to their interior decor. Many two-panel fire doors have a traditional flavour, such as our textured white arch FD60 fire door by LPD. Or this Arnhem white 2-panel FD30 fire door. 

Many doors in our range have a more contemporary flavour like this oak Marlborough 2-panel fire door by PM Mendes. Or, if you’re looking for something timelessly simple, shaker doors are the way to go. Like these elegantly simple 2-panel white shaker doors

Four-panel Fire Doors

Four panels can be used to create a stunning range of different looks. Shaker doors are perhaps among the most popular style of four-panel fire doors like this stunning oak fully-finished shaker door by LPD. Or this Victorian 4-panel shaker door. As well as traditional styles, four panels can be used to create contemporary looks, like this beautiful white-primed FD60 four-panel ladder door.

Five-panel Fire Doors

Some fire door styles use 5 panels. These are typically slender, vertically-positioned panels that create a clean and contemporary look. Like this gorgeous Farley 5 panel fire door, which is also available prefinished. However, 5 panels can also be used to create more traditional looks as in this Reims white 5-panel fire door from LPD.

Six-panel Fire Doors

Six panels are often used to invoke a sense of class and elegance, using a combination of square and rectangular panels to create a beautifully regal aesthetic. For instance, just take a look at this regency oak 6-panel prefinished fire door by LPD. Or this subtly-hued colonist 6-panel fire door from XL Joinery.

Can Fire Doors Have Glass Panels?

They certainly can! Readers may assume that adding glass panels to a fire door might undermine its fire safety. However, glazed panelled fire rated doors use a special type of glass. Typically made with borosilicate or ceramic. This ensures that you still get a great view and an abundance of natural light, without compromising the fire safety of your door. 

Many of our FD30-rated panelled doors contain glass panels. Whether your tastes favour clean and contemporary aesthetics, or more subtly ornate designs that evoke the styles of bygone eras, you don’t have to sacrifice the look you want to get a great fire door. 

Why Choose Vibrant Doors?

At Vibrant Doors, we embrace the versatility, style and outstanding protection of panelled fire doors. We stock fire doors from some of the UK’s most trusted manufacturers including JB Kind, Deanta, LPD and Jeld-Wen. Not to mention a great range of frames, door handles and other door furniture, all at competitive prices. Customers even enjoy free delivery on all orders over £750, and each and every door we sell is backed by our 10-year guarantee.

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