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54mm / FD60 Fire Doors

FD60-rated fire doors offer a higher level of fire protection for your household in the event of a fire. Giving you a minimum of 60 minutes’ protection against smoke and flames, these doors offer a combination of unbeatable style and optimum safety. FD60 doors are a legal requirement in some domestic situations such as flats and apartments, as well as in commercial settings, so all these doors have been rigorously tested and independently rated to ensure they comply with regulations. For an extra level of fire resistance, shop our 54mm fire doors below.

What are 54mm / FD60 Fire Doors?

Our 54mm / FD60 Fire Doors Range

Belize Oak - Prefinished FD60 Fire Door

Belize Oak - Prefinished FD60 Fire Door

From £157.96

Belize Oak - Prefinished FD60 Fire Door

Belize Oak - Prefinished FD60 Fire Door

From £408.38

Belize Oak FD60 Fire Door

Belize Oak FD60 Fire Door

From £371.25

Mexicano White FD60 Fire Door

Mexicano White FD60 Fire Door

From £326.70

Oak 2 Stile Flush FD60 Fire Door

Oak 2 Stile Flush FD60 Fire Door

From £479.55

Premium White 1 Panel FD60 Fire Door

Premium White 1 Panel FD60 Fire Door

From £504.00

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54mm / FD60 Fire Doors at Vibrant Doors

What is an FD60 Fire-Rated Door?

An FD60 fire-rated door is tested to rigorous standards established by the British Woodworking Federation. The FD60 fire rating means that the door is guaranteed to keep fire at bay for a minimum of 60 minutes as long as it has been properly installed in a fire door frame using appropriate CE-marked hinges.  It is comprised of a solid core surrounded by a timber veneer, usually oak, ash, walnut or similar hardwood. 60 minute fire doors are much thicker than other internal doors, including many other fire doors. For instance, the average internal door is 35mm in thickness, while most FD30-rated fire doors are 44mm thick. An FD60 fire door is 54mm thick.

This thickness and robust construction prevents heat and smoke from escaping in the event of a fire, containing the fire and preventing it from impinging upon the fire exit. 

Our FD60 Fire Door Range

At Vibrant Doors, we’re proud to stock an extensive range of 54mm fire doors from some of the most trusted brands in the country including Deanta Doors, LPD, Jeld-Wen, XL Joinery and more. Our range includes FD60 fire doors in a huge variety of styles, shapes and sizes. So you won’t have to sacrifice the style you want for the fire safety you need. 

Whether you’re looking for a textured and traditional finish or something clean, flush and contemporary, you’re sure to find the style you're looking for within our selection. 

Let’s take a closer look.

FD60 Fire Door Blanks

Fire door blanks are flush fire doors with a blank appearance, making them look as though they are fashioned from a single piece of timber. They are perfect for use in all kinds of domestic and commercial properties where a minimalist aesthetic is favoured. 

We carry a great selection of blank fire doors to suit all tastes, budgets and frames, from this budget-friendly hardwood FD60 flush fire door to this stunning Vertical Portfolio walnut FD60 flush fire door blank.

FD60 Oak Fire Doors

Everybody loves oak. And for good reason. This subtly-hued timber lends a warm comforting glow to any living space and blends in perfectly with all kinds of interior design concepts. Our stunning selection of FD60-rated oak fire doors enabled you to get a beautiful look for your home or business premises.

FD60 Walnut Doors

Looking for a fire door leaf that also makes a bold statement? How about the warm and richly alluring hues of walnut? Surrounding a solid core, the walnut veneer adds a touch of class to any living or commercial space. Walnut is distinctive in its appearance, but highly versatile.

FD60-rated Ash Doors

Available in a range of styles and colours, our 54mm FD60 ash fire doors are extremely versatile, lending a cool and calming touch to your interiors. Take a look at this beautiful blank architectural flush ash FD60 fire door from Deanta. Or this stunning light grey ash prefinished FD60 fire door.

FD60 White Primed Doors

White primed FD60 fire doors are a great option for those who want to create an airy and spacious feel in their interior design. They have a coat of primer to which white and light colours of paint may be applied. Please note that white primed doors are not recommended for immediate hanging. The primer is less resilient to wear and damage than paint. However, any type of paint can be applied to our fire doors. 

FD60 Unfinished Doors

Want to have complete control over the aesthetic of your FD60 fire doors? No problem! We offer a great range of unfinished fire doors for you to stain or paint in any colour or shade you wish.

Do I Need 30 Minute or 60 Minute Fire Rated Doors?

That depends on where they need to be installed. In a private residence, 30 minutes is usually ample time to evacuate the property in the event of a fire. The fire doors keep smoke and flames from impinging on the fire escape route, enabling you and your loved ones to get to safety. FD30-rated fire doors are usually perfectly adequate for such use cases. 

However, larger buildings like commercial properties or buildings may require longer to evacuate. Therefore, apartment buildings, public buildings, office buildings, shops, factories and other locations may require FD60-rated fire doors. Please note, these doors must be installed in fire door frames. Fire door installation is best done by a professional to ensure optimum safety and compliance.

Why Get Your Fire Doors From Vibrant Doors?

Your home deserves the best fire doors from the most trusted manufacturers. At Vibrant Doors, we ensure that you get them at the best price, with competitively priced internal doors from some of the top names in the industry and free shipping on all orders over £750. Plus, all of our doors are backed by our 10 year guarantee for your lasting peace of mind.