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Internal Bifold Doors

Roomfold Standard Internal Bifold Doors Options

If space is at a premium and you’re looking for superb value, our NUVU Roomfold standard interior bi fold doors are your perfect solution. Open plan spaces can flow with ease as there’s no need for a base track or formal threshold to fit your door. A variety of styles are available including internal folding doors with glass panels in clear and frosted finishes.  

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Climadoor Roomfold Deluxe Bifold Doors Options

The ultimate in quality, our Climadoor Roomfold  Deluxe bi fold internal doors allow you to choose a door with bigger panel sizes to suit a wider range of openings. Check our variety of options for larger spaces before you consider made to measure internal folding doors. The concertina folding system saves space in your home and divides your room with a style to suit you. Available in unfinished oak, prefinished oak, or white primed.

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What Vibrant Doors offer...

Internal Bifold Doors Image

Internal bifold doors (also often called internal folding doors or concertina doors) are fantastic for adding the flexibility of an open plan room, whilst still maintaining the ability to create smaller, more intimate spaces when necessary - essentially an internal partition. Fitted with either clear glass or frosted glazed panels, our range of interior folding doors in wood are designed to elicit a feeling of warmth within your home; providing a cosy environment whilst still allow light to flow naturally through your home.

We are delighted to offer a wide range of designer internal bifold doors for you to choose from. Whatever the style of your home, we’re sure that there’s an internal bi fold doors system for you. From the traditional Kent style to the supremely contemporary Lincoln range, you really are spoiled for choice.

Open Plan Living

If you have limited space in your home or you simply want to create storage space or division between open plan rooms, internal folding partition doors are for you. Their glass panes provide an unobstructed view whilst also creating clear spaces with added privacy and sound-proofing. Open them up for spacious living and easy access, and close to create interior partitions or ‘zones’. 


Our bi folding internal doors are supplied complete with frame, track and running gear, all in an easy to assemble kit for quick installation. As there's no base guide on the NUVU Roomfold, and a low-level base guide on the Climadoor Roomfold Deluxe you can enjoy a wider choice of frame sizes and door panel sizes. When it comes to door furniture, we supply our bifold interior doors without door handles and drop bolts so that you can match them to the existing handles on your current doors and windows.


Timber is our specialty, so you can be assured that our oak and white primed options are of the highest quality. Choose from pre-finished or unfinished to suit your budget and requirements. Whether you opt for a pre-finished or primed system, the frames are always supplied in unfinished oak veneer or oak foil to allow you to choose the right paint or finish to match your existing skirtings and architraves.


One of the reasons so many people opt for installing interior bifold door sets is their glazing. Clear panels will provide an unobstructed view throughout your home whilst frosted allows light flow while also protecting your privacy. These concertina style doors are popular for the kitchen, living and dining areas but internal glazed bifold doors can also be installed in bathrooms and bedrooms.

If the outside of your home could do with a face-lift, why not check out our range of external bifold doors… 

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