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What Is the Difference Between a Door Jamb and a Door Frame?

Believe it or not, a door jamb and a door frame are technically two completely different things. Us mere mortals will refer to the entire unit as a door frame, when in actual fact, there are many elements to a door frame, such as the jamb.

A jamb is the flat surface that runs vertically up either side of the door frame. The door jamb is vital to the running of the door. This is where the hinges are placed to hang the door, as well as the striker plate on the opposite door jamb which helps you to open, close and lock your door.

The door frame is all the elements combined. These elements consist of:

  • Door Jamb

  • Head

  • Sill

  • Lining

For a more in-depth look into these elements, take a look at our guide: Everything You Need to Know About Door Frames.

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Image Credit: Photo by Jorge Flores on Unsplash