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Can You Move a Door Frame?

Whether your wall is load-bearing or not, a door and its frame can be moved. 

It’s essential to establish whether the walls are load-bearing or not to ensure you have the correct tools and structures in place to support the ceiling once you’ve removed the door and parts of the wall. Moving a door frame from a load-bearing wall is do-able, but it is trickier to do when compared to a non-load-bearing wall.

When moving a door frame, it’s crucial to plan every step and explore all of your avenues. Moving doorways to improve your home’s layout is a great idea, and often, is necessary. However, we’d advise that you hire a professional before doing so.

Walls can contain a lot of hidden wires and pipes. If you haven’t done your research correctly, you could be in for a world of issues if you cut through any of these important elements.

When moving a door frame, you should also take into consideration the space that you’re moving the doorway to. Are there any obstacles that could get in the way of how the door operates? Is there enough space in the new wall to hold a door without damaging it? If you’re in an older property if you move a doorway, will the plaster crumble and need redoing?

While there are no issues with moving a door frame, it’s vital that you explore every possible outcome before proceeding.

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