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Category: Infographic


Devastated Destinations – Famous Landmarks Destroyed by Movie Monsters

It’s a well-known fact that Hollywood just loves to destroy famous places and landmarks. Whether it’s a superhero movie or just a plain old apocalypse brought about by global warming/asteroids/monsters/zombies/earthquakes/volcanoes (delete as appropriate), it seems that nothing hits home more than watching a beloved monument or landmark get destroyed. And some places are more prone […]


The World’s Ugliest Buildings… Fixed

There are plenty of stunning buildings out there, feats of architecture and engineering so great that it’s hard to believe they exist. And then, there are the buildings that aren’t quite so… attractive or well-designed. The feats of architecture and engineering so ugly and, well, bizarre, that it’s hard to believe they ever passed the […]


25 of the World’s Creepiest Abandoned Places – Infographic

Whilst visiting abandoned cities, islands, theme parks or asylums may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are plenty of people who like nothing better than investigating these creepy places. And these sites often have some fascinating history behind them. A while back we produced an interactive map of the 25 creepiest abandoned places you […]

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