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Last updated on November 18th, 2021 at 10:48 am

Let’s face it, paint colours have some seriously weird names. You want to pick out a new colour scheme for your living room. You’ve settled on a nice relaxing grey. You head off to the DIY store. And then you’re confronted with a million choices. But should you choose Elephant’s Breath? Mole’s Breath? Wind’s Breath? Saturday on Sunday? What does that even mean? And what’s with all the breath? Who comes up with these names anyway?*

And that’s before you even get started on the likes of Nacho Cheese, Three Legs (inspired by the Isle of Man, maybe?), Sulking Room Pink and…. Arsenic?

We had so much fun finding the weirdest paint names we could that we decided to come up with our own range of bizarre paint colour names, but in this case, we took inspiration from some of our favourite TV shows and movies. There’s something for every room here, from cool blues like the Game of Thrones-inspired “Direwolf” to the dramatic tones of “Scarlet Witch” (a Marvel Universe-inspired red) and “Psychomagnotheria” (a Ghostbusters-inspired bright pink). If neutral’s more your thing, you’ll love our bright whites “Stay Puft” and “Walter White”, as well as our entire Hitchcock Collection (a suite of cool greys).

You can see the full “Paintflix” Collection below.

*Apparently panels of experts do. At least, they do at Dulux.

Pokemon inspired paint colours
Wes Anderson Inspired Paint Colours
Star Wars-inspired paint colours
Stranger Things inspired paint colours
Schitt's Creek-inspired paint colours
The US Office-inspired paint colours
Marvel Universe-inspired paint colours
David Lynch-inspired paint colours
Alfred Hitchcock-inspired paint colours
Game of Thrones-inspired paint colours
Ghostbusters-inspired paint colours
Studio Ghibli-inspired paint colours
Downton Abbey-inspired paint colours
Tim Burton-inspired paint colours
Breaking Bad-inspired paint colours

These colours might not really exist (sadly), but why not use them as inspiration for finding the real-life weirdly-named paint colour of your choice? You can always pretend “Nacho Cheese” is the much cooler “Electric City”, that “Dead Salmon” is the far less morbid “Finer Things Club”, or that “West Coast Ghost” is… well, actually, that one’s pretty cool to be fair.

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