Ultimate Man Caves, The Essential Guide

Last updated on August 2nd, 2016 at 02:54 pm

A man cave is an area of male sanctuary, which is usually equipped with luxury items that appeal to typically masculine interests and enjoyment. It’s an escape from everyday life and the busy home that contains family distractions and is quite frankly, just not quite manly enough for most men!

The man cave is a place of dreams and escape, somewhere to shut the internal door and close off from the world. Most men will have imagined their own man cave even if they haven’t yet created it. Not every man cave is the same, though. There are plenty of different ways to make a manspace. We’ve taken a look at the top man cave themes to come up with a list of the ultimate man caves. Warning: you WILL want to build at least one of these. Prepare to feel very manly.

Ultimate Man Caves

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The Sports Fan Man Cave

Sport, sport, sport! There’s no chance of seeing this man any time the football is on. Any game. In any country. At any time in the day or night. The sports fan’s man cave will have the right conditions for optimum viewing and plenty of screens so he doesn’t miss any of the action. Any decorations will be sports related, such as a prized signed and framed sports jersey. There’s also a fussball table, just for entertainment just in case there happens to be a moment when there’s no sport on…

The Sci-Fi Geek Man Cave

This space man beams himself up to another level to access his man cave. It’s in another galaxy of course! That’s why he sits in the captain’s chair keeping everything on track, accompanied by his extensive collection of rare figurines and life-sized cut-outs of his favourite characters. You’ll have a job getting through to him when he’s “in a galaxy far, far away”.

The Movie Fan Man Cave

It’s home cinema taken to a whole new, very masculine level. This isn’t a half-hearted cinema room. It’s a full blown shrine to films and film viewing. Do not disturb this man when the film is playing, or even when the credits are still rolling. He’ll be absorbed in the movie and when he’s not in his man cave, he’s probably quoting lines from the last film he watched.

The Music Fan Man Cave

It’s all about the music! This wannabe rock star will always be found jamming with the band. His man cave is his stage, the crowd are always there in his mind. Everything is amped up so you’d better make sure he’s installed sound proofing if you don’t want to upset the neighbours!

The Hipster Man Cave

He’s not your typical man. Some would say he’s a hipster, but he’d disagree. Whatever he is or isn’t labelled as, we can *probably* predict how he’d dream of decorating his man cave. Which is of course ironic. We’ll have none of the mainstream usual man cave trappings here. You’ll be most likely to find him tending to his beard or drinking his favourite ethically sourced speciality coffee or craft beer. Maybe he’s even brewing his own in there!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these tongue-in-cheek man cave ideas, perhaps they will help to inspire your own man cave décor? Go forth and build!

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