Halloween Hacks For Decorating Your Home

We’ve been searching through the internet and have found these amazing hacks for Halloween. With not much time until the spooky day, we’ve selected good last-minute designs that you can make quickly and easily. Good luck!

Door decorations

1) A Wreath
Halloween Wreath

From Electrically Vintage 

Get a creepy crawly wreath with this simple D.I.Y. hack.

Things you need:
– A wooden wreath
– Creepy crawly plastic toys
– Super glue
– Black spray paint

– Stick your spider and insect toys to the wreath using super glue.
– Spray paint the whole thing black!

2) A Spooky Door Knocker

Door Knocker

From Dollar Store Crafts 

There are many ways that you can achieve this look. A good place to start is a pound store!

Things you need:
– Plastic spooky decoration (i.e. a skull)
– A ring
– A knife or scissors
– Grey spray paint

– Cut the back of the (skull) decoration so that it lies flat against your door.
– Pierce the decoration, and stick the ring in the gap to make it into a door knocker.
– Spray the whole thing grey.

3) Decorate Your Door Mat

Welcome Mat

From Always The Holidays 

Invite the ‘trick or treaters’ in with a comical door mat.

Things you need:
– A door mat
– A pair of tights
– Cotton buds/a filler
– A pair of high heels

– Fill the tights with the stuffing.
– Slip the high heels over the ends of the tights.
– Tuck the joining end of the tights under your door mat.

Pumpkin Hacks

1) Cookie Cutter Pumpkin

Pumpkin Cookie Cutter

From Princess Pinky Girl 

Who needs perfect cutting skills? One whack and the design is done.

No need to explain this how to, just have a go!

2) Paint the pumpkin

Pumpkin Painting

From HGTV 

Another cheeky way to get out of cutting the pumpkin is to simply paint it!

3) Use Glow Sticks

Pumpkin Glow Sticks

From The Charm Of Home 

Have your pumpkins glow whatever colour you like by swapping the candle for glowsticks!

Spooky DIY Decorations

1) Paper Bats

Paper Bats

From Balancing Home 

A quick and effective way of adding Halloween to your decorations is to make paper bats.

Things you need:
– Black paper
– Scissors
– String (optional)
– Glue (optional)

– Simply cut out a bat shape (here are some templates).
– Fold the wings to make them stand out.
– (Optional) Glue some string to the bats so that they can dangle.

2) Foam Tombstones

Foam Tombstones

From Halloween Forum

Foam tombstones can be as detailed as you’d like them to be. Some people have amazing complicated ones, but you can achieve the look without being a sculptor.

Things you need:
– A pencil
– Foam
– Knife
– Paint
– Glue (optional)

– Draw your basic design on the foam.
– Cut the foam in to your desired shape. To make more complicated shapes, you can glue additional layers of foam to your design.
– Paint the foam. It is good to use a dark grey colour for the writing on the tombstone. It you begin to search for more examples, you will find many people add a weathered look to the painting detail.

3) Ghost Leaves

Painted Leaves

From Dump A Day 

This one doubles up as a decoration and a way to postpone racking the fallen leaves!

All you need to do is paint the leaves white and add ghost faces (you could also paint them black and make them into bats!).


Bonus Hack

The Jar Prank

Jar Face Prank

From Handimania 

What would you do if you found this in your fridge?

Nothing explains it quite like the original post; you can check it out here.

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