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Smart Home Technology of the Future

Posted in: General News

In the last few years technology in all areas and aspects of life has upped its game and now we have smart phones, smart TVs and even smart watches! But what about our homes? How far away from having a smart house are we? You’ll be surprised to know that smart technology for the home is […]

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Home Door Security: Are Wooden Doors Secure?

Posted in: General News

When it comes to the doors of your house, there are a few factors that are really important to you, and to us as well. The importance of these things can vary depending what different people want and need, but the common factors that people usually look for are style and design, price, delivery times and choice. […]

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Are Wooden Doors Energy Efficient?

Posted in: Instructions & Guidelines, Tricks and Tips

In recent years there have been huge steps made to making uPVC doors more energy efficient and better at retaining warmth due to the fact that energy costs keep going up and up and we’re making more efforts to reduce the impact of global warming. This is great news if you have uPVC doors but […]

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Wooden Door Maintenance: DIY Tips and Care

Posted in: DIY, General News, How To, Instructions & Guidelines, Tricks and Tips

When it comes to maintaining and renovating your home we all want to keep our house, and everything in it, in the best condition possible without spending a fortune on doing so. Our doors are no different, not only do well maintained doors look good and add to the design of your home, but keeping […]

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OnAirbnb: If Your Favourite TV Shows Did Airbnb…

Posted in: Infographic

Over the past few years Airbnb has been growing rapidly as a way to list, find, and rent somewhere to stay. This trusted online community now has over 2,000,000+ listings worldwide from spare rooms and apartments to castles and villas. It’s a great way for people to generate money from extra space in their homes […]

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