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Door Handle Troubleshooting: We answer your questions and problems

Posted in: General News, How To, Tricks and Tips

The modern British home is filled with items that we don’t spend much of our time thinking about – that is, until the day that they malfunction.  And there are few pieces of equipment that fit this description more closely than a door handle.  When they’re working, they largely get taken for granted.  When they […]

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How to Decorate your Door for Christmas

Posted in: General News, How To, Tricks and Tips

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without the trimmings and decorations that set the season apart from the rest of the year.  Install a tree into your living room during April, and your friends and family might begin to think you peculiar. Fail to do so during December and you’ll likely inspire the same reaction. The […]

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What’s the Difference between Solid Wood, Veneer and Engineered Doors?

Posted in: General News, Instructions & Guidelines

When you’re shopping for a door, it’s easy to get bogged down in considerations about how the door looks.  If you’re shopping online, then this is understandable, as you’ll be gleaning your first impressions from an intangible image of the product, rather than from touching, pushing and pulling it. But perhaps just as important as […]

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Preparing your Doors for Winter Weather: Avoid Winter Door Problems

Posted in: General News, Tricks and Tips

Winter is a season that can have a seriously deleterious effect on your home and the items within it.  Among the most important of these items are doors – of both the internal and external variety.  In response to the changing climate, wooden doors exhibit a range of symptoms, which, if not addressed, will steadily […]

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Door Trends for 2017 – Interior, Exterior and Door Hardware

Posted in: General News

If you’re looking to invest in a door or two for your property, then you might want to know what the near future holds for this tried-and-true piece of technology.  While we’re not blessed with powers of clairvoyance, we can at least foresee some of the trends of 2017 – by simply observing the current […]

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