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Moving House With Pets: Tips And Advice

Posted in: General News, Tricks and Tips

As we recently reported, moving house is a stressful experience.  In fact, more than two thirds of us rate it as the most stressful experience of all – more so even than a job change, a divorce – or even a bereavement!  With so much to think about and stay on top of, and so […]

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The Top 10 Colours for Front Doors

Posted in: General News

Of all of the doors in your home, it’s the front door that visitors will see first – and so special consideration should be given to choosing the appropriate colour.  Traditionally, certain colours carry certain symbolic weight and significance.  Some of these traditions come in a heavily-structured set of guidelines, such as those found in […]

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Stress Reducing House Moving Hacks

Posted in: General News, Infographic, Tricks and Tips

Moving house can be exciting, especially if you’re moving somewhere you feel is bigger or better. It might be something you’re doing to relieve daily problems like not having enough space, shortening the commute to work or moving closer to friends and family. So just why do we need to reduce the stress of moving […]

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The Door Dictionary: Door Terminology Explained

Posted in: General News, How To, Tricks and Tips

In whatever field you find yourself stumbling into in life, there will undoubtedly be a fair amount of jargon to decode before you can truly understand what’s going on. Jargon is the lingo we use in order to make ourselves feel like experts, when in actuality, all it does is distance us from one another. […]

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Wooden Door Troubleshooting: Warping, Cracks & Common Problems

Posted in: General News, How To, Tricks and Tips

Wooden doors are not only beautiful and strong, but each one is as unique as a snowflake. No one door will ever be exactly the same as another, and perhaps it’s for this very reason that they have spent literally hundreds of years as the favoured means of entry for homes and places of business […]

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