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Preparing your Doors for Winter Weather: Avoid Winter Door Problems

Posted in: General News, Tricks and Tips

Winter is a season that can have a seriously deleterious effect on your home and the items within it.  Among the most important of these items are doors – of both the internal and external variety.  In response to the changing climate, wooden doors exhibit a range of symptoms, which, if not addressed, will steadily […]

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Door Trends for 2017 – Interior, Exterior and Door Hardware

Posted in: General News

If you’re looking to invest in a door or two for your property, then you might want to know what the near future holds for this tried-and-true piece of technology.  While we’re not blessed with powers of clairvoyance, we can at least foresee some of the trends of 2017 – by simply observing the current […]

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Traditional Doors: How to Create a Period Look

Posted in: General News, How To

If you’re the owner of a period property, then you’ll want to make sure that your choice of front door is appropriate.  After all, a brilliant-white uPVC door is going to undermine the look of an otherwise Victorian cottage.  If you’re to achieve consistency and avoid your property’s exterior looking like a confused mess, then […]

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Moving House With Pets: Tips And Advice

Posted in: General News, Tricks and Tips

As we recently reported, moving house is a stressful experience.  In fact, more than two thirds of us rate it as the most stressful experience of all – more so even than a job change, a divorce – or even a bereavement!  With so much to think about and stay on top of, and so […]

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The Top 10 Colours for Front Doors

Posted in: General News

Of all of the doors in your home, it’s the front door that visitors will see first – and so special consideration should be given to choosing the appropriate colour.  Traditionally, certain colours carry certain symbolic weight and significance.  Some of these traditions come in a heavily-structured set of guidelines, such as those found in […]

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