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50 Simple Spare Change Home Improvements

Posted in: General News, Infographic, Tricks and Tips

Once you own a home, it can be difficult and costly to make and keep everything looking just so. Home improvements, home décor, cleaning and gardening can all add up and put a strain on your budget. But it’s the time of year for getting our houses in order and enjoying both our indoor and […]

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Feng Shui Your House : A How To Guide

Posted in: General News

This ancient Chinese art form is said to improve all aspects of your life, from attracting love and wealth to revitalizing your health and mood. The principles of Feng Shui are a deep and complex belief system based upon thousands of years of philosophy. The basic principles are that for everything in the universe there […]

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All About Fire Doors

Posted in: General News

Fire doors might look like any ordinary door, but they offer extra protection and fire resistance which can save lives. They help to contain a fire within a building and stop the spread of harmful smoke. They can be installed in public places and in the home, but it’s important that they are fitted and […]

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How to Decorate A Childs Bedroom Door

Posted in: DIY, How To

The obvious way to decorate your child’s door for his or her bedroom is with a name plaque, which helps them to understand that they have their own special space inside the house. But why not go a step further? With a little imagination and know-how you can decorate the entrance to your child’s bedroom […]

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Common Door Problems and How To Fix Them

Posted in: DIY, General News, How To, Tricks and Tips

If you had your doors installed a while ago, or if you live in an older house, the chances of you coming across some minor problems with your doors are quite likely. The most common internal door problems that you may encounter are doors sticking, doors swinging open or an irritating squeaking door. The good […]

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