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Top Tips for Self Build Success

Posted in: DIY, General News, Infographic

A bespoke home, commissioned to suit your own lifestyle needs, design and plans is known as a self-build. We’ve all seen shows like Grand Designs that cover those brave people who take that leap of faith and take on their own self build project. It’s the stuff of dreams, your ideal home, tailor made for […]

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Amazing Home Storage Hacks

Posted in: Tricks and Tips

When it comes to tidying up and organising your home, there are certain items that seem to always be lying around and don’t have a place which continue to clutter your rooms and make things look untidy. Instead of putting all these items into an overcrowded draw to be forgotten about, check out these simple […]

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Houses for Sale with Solar Panels

Posted in: General News

In recent years our awareness of the financial and environmental costs of using energy has greatly improved and we have a great understanding of what we can do to save energy, be more green, and help the environment. One way that we can improve our energy consumptions habits is by incorporating renewable energy sources into our […]

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Wood Restoring Hacks Using Every-Day Items

Posted in: DIY, How To, Tricks and Tips

If you have a house, the chances are in that house you have an item that is made of, or features wood. Whether it’s a section of flooring, a piece of furniture or a decorative panel, wood can be found in most homes. Wood is a versatile and beautiful material, but like any other material, […]

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The Best US Property Apps

Posted in: General News, Infographic

Moving house is challenging and the property market can be tough to navigate. On top of that, every market is different. To expand on our series of top property apps posts we’ve looked in to the best apps around for helping you navigate the US property market. In the US more people are choosing to […]

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