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White Fire Doors

Explore our range of white internal fire doors. We have an extensive range of doors to suit all properties, including glazed fire doors. All our fire doors carry an FD30 rating (we also have a range of FD60 fire doors), and comply with UK building regulations. Made from high-quality timber, with an engineered solid core, they also show some of the best craftsmanship on the market. Don’t suffer boring fire doors any longer, take a look at our range below!

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4 Panel White Shaker Fire Door4 Panel White Shaker Fire Door
From £169.50 View Sizes
Palermo White Grey Laminate Fire DoorPalermo White Grey Laminate Fire Door
From £228.50 View Sizes
Salerno White Grey Laminate Fire DoorSalerno White Grey Laminate Fire Door
From £259.50 View Sizes
4 Light White Shaker - Clear Glass Fire Door4 Light White Shaker - Clear Glass Fire Door
From £490.50 View Sizes
DX White Fire DoorDX White Fire Door
XL Joinery Doors
DX White Fire Door
From £223.50 View Sizes
Florence White - Prefinished Fire DoorFlorence White - Prefinished Fire Door
From £213.28 View Sizes
Forli White - Prefinished Fire Door Forli White - Prefinished Fire Door
From £183.17 View Sizes
Palermo White Fire DoorPalermo White Fire Door
XL Joinery Doors
Palermo White Fire Door
From £187.50 View Sizes
Pattern 10 White Fire DoorPattern 10 White Fire Door
XL Joinery Doors (1)
Pattern 10 White Fire Door
From £160.50 View Sizes
Perugia White - Prefinished Fire DoorPerugia White - Prefinished Fire Door
From £155.83 View Sizes
Pesaro White Fire DoorPesaro White Fire Door
XL Joinery Doors
Pesaro White Fire Door
From £216.50 View Sizes
Portici White - Prefinished Fire DoorPortici White - Prefinished Fire Door
From £170.28 View Sizes
Suffolk White Fire DoorSuffolk White Fire Door
XL Joinery Doors
Suffolk White Fire Door
From £160.50 View Sizes

Our White Fire Doors Range

At Vibrant Doors, we believe that fire safety should never come at the expense of style. 

That’s why we’ve assembled an eclectic range of interior fire doors with great variety in styles, colours and sizes. From glazed to panel doors, there's a design you'll love. Our classic white fire-rated doors are specially curated to ensure we have the perfect door for every home.

At 44mm in thickness, our white internal fire doors contain intumescent strips to form a fire-resistant seal, and are slightly thicker than standard internal doors, which tend to range from 35mm to 40mm in thickness. However, you’ll find white FD30 fire doors in a range of sizes from 1981 x 686 x 44mm all the way up to 2032 x 813 x 44mm.

Glazed White Fire Doors

Glazed internal doors can bathe your living space with natural light, while providing a sense of continuity between spaces. If you’re looking for glazed internal doors that also improve fire safety, we also offer a range of white glazed fire doors. These use borosilicate or ceramic glass to provide great views and illumination without compromising fire safety.

What Are FD30 Rated Doors?

An FD30 fire-rated door is a door that has been rigorously tested by UKAS Accredited test houses to ensure 30 minutes of fire safety. They are designed to keep flames at bay for a minimum of 30 minutes, enabling you and your loved ones to get to safety in the event of a fire.  

This is usually more than enough time to allow a safe and orderly exit from residential properties. All our fire doors are at least FD30 rated. However, there are also FD60 , FD90 and FD120 fire doors that can repel smoke and fire for even longer. These are commonly used in commercial and industrial properties. 

Why Choose White Internal Fire Doors?

White internal fire doors combine a classic and versatile look with outstanding fire safety. They are fully primed and can be finished or even repainted according to your tastes. Because white reflects light, they lend your living space a greater sense of space and openness. There are even a great many glazed options (with either clear or frosted glass) to make even a diminutive living space feel more airy and spacious while still providing outstanding fire safety. 

White blends easily with any colour scheme, so can suit a variety of styles. From modern to traditional homes, a white fire door wouldn't look out of place. We also offer white primed options that you can paint to suit your taste. Find the right fire door in our range today.

Why Do I Need a Fire Door?

A fire door is an integral part of your home’s fire safety, and a legal requirement in all domestic buildings that are over 2 storeys high. Doors leading from habitable rooms onto a communal corridor or stairwell must also be rated as fire doors. If you live in or have invested in a home of multiple occupancy, such as student housing, all doors leading to communal areas should be fireproof. 

Fire doors prevent fire from blocking a safe emergency exit from the property, ensuring that all occupants are able to get out to safety quickly. An internal fire door can also be a great way to prevent smoke or smells from the kitchen or garage from entering living areas. The good news is that with our stunning range of white fire doors, you’re sure to find a door that offers great protection without compromising on style.

Why Choose Vibrant Doors?

At Vibrant Doors, we make it easy to find the perfect new fire door for your home at a price you’ll love. We stock some of the finest fire doors on the market from trusted brands like Deanta Doors, Climadoor, JB Kind, PM Mendes and more. You’ll find fire doors (and more) to suit every taste and style, as well as a huge range of door handles and hardware

Our team of timber experts are on hand to help you make the right choice for your home, and our doors are all backed by a 10-year guarantee. All with free fast delivery on orders over £750

Frequently Asked Questions


What Colour do fire doors need to be?

Fire doors are not required to be any specific colour; the choice is up to building owners and decorators. However, selecting a colour that stands out is advisable for easy identification during emergencies.


Why are fire doors so expensive?

Fire doors command higher prices due to their specialised construction that promotes safety. They incorporate fire-resistant materials and reinforcements that meet strict safety certifications, increasing manufacturing costs. This advanced engineering ensures the door withstands intense heat during a fire, justifying the investment for enhanced protection.

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If you have a question which isn't covered by one of our handy guides, why not drop us an email and we'll be happy to assist.

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