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Climadoor White Aluminium French Doors

Many homes have external French doors installed, and these give significant benefits against single opening doors. Our Thermally Broken White Aluminium French doors offer you many benefits over both UPVC and Timber, so whilst you might be paying that little bit more, you achieve: Higher than standard security as no one can bend or twist the profiles, like with UPVC, or break the profile like you can with timber. a truely no maintenance solution with the finish being guaranteed for 30 years or more (in non corrosive environments).

10% Off Black Heritage French Doors

This finish wont bleach, fade or discolour like UPVC or Timber, as the Powder Coating process offered with these sets give a true long life solution. These sets dont swell, move or twist like Timber and or UPVC, so there is no need for any adjsutment after installation even in yeasr to come. These patio doors are unbeatable value, for the product you recieve.......Ultra Secure, Stylish looks with narrow site lines, and truely no maintenance in years to come.

Available in made to measure sizes, please contact us for a quote.

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