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Bifold Door Sizing

Whilst bifold doors are incredibly flexible, this is one instance where the one-size-fits-all mantra simply doesn't fly. Bi-fold doors are rarely a bad idea when it comes to sprucing up the homestead in a way that not only looks appealing but offers so much more space than the generic bifold door sizes.

However, without taking measurements first you won't be able to simply walk into any DIY retail chain, buy a set and take them home. Well, you could, but it's very unlikely they'd be the right fit for your specific situation. Here we'll be discussing the standard bifold door sizes, and the option of bespoke, made-to-measure doors, which might be necessary if your opening if particularly tricky.

Note that the size of bifold doors and the number of panels will both be taken into consideration, as bifold doors generally come in two panel or four-panel varieties, depending on the width of the space and/or your personal preferences.

Also, in both instances, you'll need to account for the hardware at the top and bottom of the door, as bifold door slabs need to be shorter and/or the openings need to be taller to allow for the tracking hardware at the top and/or bottom. As a general rule, the height of the door opening should be around 1 foot (460mm) and a half to 2 feet (610mm) higher than the height of the door.

Standard Sizes For Internal Bifold Doors

The standard door size for internal bifold doors varies a little depending on the manufacturer. There are a few basic standard bifold door sizes that many manufacturers will stick to, or at least use as a guideline though that's not to say there won't be a few anomalies out there.

The vast majority of the time, the bifold door height will be around 6.8 feet, or 2078mm. The bifold door widths, however, are generally more variable and will dictate how many door panels you can use. Basic options will probably consist of 2 or 4 doors options, though many manufacturers will also offer 3, 5, and even 6 door options, with different panels widths enabling you to get exactly the right fit for your opening, be it a wardrobe door, dining room/kitchen partition, or any other internal option.

In terms of standard door width, most panels will be between 700mm and 1000mm wide, so, for example, an aperture 2800mm across could accommodate either a three or four-panel door. If you desire panels wider, you might have to look into most bespoke options. Height wise, around 2.5 metres (2500mm) is probably about the absolute maximum you'll find without having to have your doors custom-made.

Measuring – Before you set off for the shop, or start looking online for the bifold doors of your dreams, you'll need to find your bifold door mensions. You'll want to make a few measurements to find the bifold doors standard sizes you need. First off, note that the opening (aperture) for a bifold door should be measured from the face of the opening, not the trim, as the trim will hang over the aperture to cover the gap around the edges of your door.

So, take your bifold door measurements from one side of the wall to the other horizontally, and from the floor to the face of the opening on the top, vertically.

Standard Sizes For External Bifold Doors

External bifold doors are generally wider than internal bi fold door sizes, though they are rarely that much taller. Standard size bifold doors are usually  2090mm or 2100mm tall, only slighter taller than you'd find when fitting an internal door.

Bifold door widths, however, will vary dramatically depending on your aperture, and could be anywhere from 1800mm with two-panel bifold doors, to 4800mm with up to 6 doors!

When we're discussing external bifold doors, we should also mention aluminium bifold doors, which are generally significantly larger. can easily be made 6250mm wide and can be made much wider with the use of a mechanical join. Generally, the panels themselves can be made up to 1000mm wide, though with certain styles, panels can be made up to 1200mm wide. These are generally only used for commercial purposes of course.

Measuring – The process involved in measuring for bifold doors for your exterior is very similar to the process involved in measuring for internal bifold doors. You'll generally have more material options with your external doors, and different materials will obviously be different sizes and will be suitable for different apertures.

Once again, measure from the opening on both the horizontal and vertical, and be sure to take your time and measure twice, or even three times before you commit, because it's surprisingly easy to make a mistake when you're rushing!

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Made To Measure Bifold Doors

If you can't find a 'stock' bifold door set to fit your needs, before you go the expensive, bespoke route, you might want to consider simply making a few adjustments to the aperture where you want your doors to sit.

If the aperture is slightly too small to fit your desired doors, there are numerous options you could take in terms of widening the opening, though whatever you do, make sure you don't damage the structural integrity of your home. This is true of both exterior and interior bifold doors, though obviously, the process of adjusting the opening for your external bifold doors will be a little more involved.

Widening a doorway is certainly easier than filling in a doorway, though it's certainly not a task that should be taken lightly, especially if you're not particularly skilled when it comes to DIY. As such, you might want to consider some professional help, or at least the help of a friend, before you get out your tools and start hacking pieces out of your home!

Reducing your opening is a less exact science. You could use packing wedges, sealant or a wooden filler strip to fill it out, but that could be a messy and difficult process. These options, however, can seem a little less than perfect. We recommend taking your specific situation into account, doing your research, and asking for the opinions of the manufacturers of your chosen bifold doors.

The Bespoke Bifold Doors Option – This is what you'll need to consider if you really don't want to (or simply can't) make any adjustments to your home. For example, if you're looking for tall bi fold doors there really may be no other option than to get something made bespoke. This will obviously be the most expensive option, and you'll most likely require a decent lead time (at least 6 weeks), but in many cases, it's the only sensible option.

Also, it will look incredible and will work flawlessly, as it's been developed specifically to fit your home. As well as sizes, you should have your choice or materials and finishes, and all you should need to supply is your measurements (use our guides above for that), what you want and when you want it by! This is definitely the smart choice for commercial properties such as bars, pubs, and cafes, but could also suit your personal needs at home.

As you can see, there are plenty of options available for your internal and external bifold doors when it comes sizing. We recommend taking your time and doing all the necessary research, and remember; the size doesn't matter, it's what you do with them that counts!

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