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Elevate your Eclisse pocket door kits with the cutting-edge BIAS Soft Close with Anti-Slam and BIAS Bi-directional Soft Close with Anti-Slam accessories. These revolutionary solutions combine advanced engineering with seamless design, delivering unparalleled control, refinement, and user-friendly operation.

The BIAS Soft Close with Anti-Slam harnesses the power of innovative technology to bring your door to a controlled, gentle close, even when subjected to excessive force or slammed shut. Boasting an automatic reset function, this ingenious system eliminates the need for disassembly, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum convenience. Accommodating both wooden and glass door applications, it effortlessly integrates into your Eclisse Classic Single and Double Pocket Door Systems, handling minimum passage sizes of 600mm for wooden doors.

For those seeking even greater control, the BIAS Bi-directional Soft Close with Anti-Slam takes refinement to new heights. This cutting-edge accessory regulates the rate of close in both directions – when closing and when opening – delivering an unparalleled level of precision and smoothness. The bi-directional soft closer is 95mm shorter, making it an ideal solution for wooden and glass door applications where passage width is paramount.

Both accessories boast the same soft-close with anti-slam technology, ensuring smooth sliding performance for door panels up to 40kg, while offering impressive slowing power for panels up to an impressive 100kg. This uncompromising capability guarantees a luxurious and effortless operation, regardless of your door's weight or material.

Engineered with intelligent features, the new BIAS and BIAS Bi-Directional accessories incorporate an automatic reset function, eliminating the need for disassembly should the mechanism disengage for any reason. Simply allow it to reset itself, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Experience the epitome of refined door control with the BIAS Soft Close with Anti-Slam and BIAS Bi-directional Soft Close with Anti-Slam. Quiet, gentle, and remarkably intelligent, these cutting-edge solutions elevate your Eclisse pocket door system to new levels of sophistication and user-friendly operation, redefining the standard for effortless and controlled door movement.

Soft Close/ Anti-Slam Mechanism for Eclisse Pocket Door Kits

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BIAS Soft Close with Anti-Slam
BIAS Bi-directional Soft Close with Anti-Slam

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