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PM Mendes Doors

With a huge range that includes internal and external doors, PM Mendes is a name that assures quality and versatility. One of the UK’s most trusted importers and distributors of internal and external timber doors, they’ve been providing high-quality products to UK households for over 30 years. With a range of stunning traditional and contemporary styles, there’s a perfect door for every home. Take a look at our fantastic range of PM Mendes timber doors below.

Oak Corsica - Prefinished Internal Doors

Oak Corsica - Prefinished Door

From £129.00

Oak Corsica 1 Light - Prefinished Internal Doors

Oak Corsica 1 Light - Prefinished Door

From £192.75

Oak Heath - Prefinished Internal Doors

Oak Heath - Prefinished Door

From £208.50

Oak Hampstead - Prefinished Glazed Internal Doors

Oak Hampstead - Prefinished Glazed Door

From £264.38

Oak Hampstead Pair - Prefinished Internal Doors

Oak Hampstead Pair - Prefinished Door

From £541.50

Oak Chiswick - Prefinished Glazed Internal Door

Oak Chiswick - Prefinished Glazed Internal Door

From £261.38

Oak Chiswick Pair - Prefinished Internal Doors

Oak Chiswick Pair - Prefinished Door

From £523.50

White Primed Oak Essex 4 Panel

White Primed Oak Essex 4 Panel

From £165.75

Walnut Iseo SS - Prefinished

Walnut Iseo SS - Prefinished

From £198.53

Walnut Iseo 4L SS - Prefinished

Walnut Iseo 4L SS - Prefinished

From £264.00

Oak Mirage - Prefinished  Internal Doors

Oak Mirage - Prefinished Door

From £160.50

Oak Mirage 3L - Prefinished Internal Doors

Oak Mirage 3L - Prefinished Door

From £220.50

Oak Capri - Prefinished Internal Doors

Oak Capri - Prefinished Door

From £149.63

Oak Vision - Prefinished Internal Doors

Oak Vision - Prefinished Door

From £163.50

Oak Vision 4L - Prefinished Internal Doors

Oak Vision 4L - Prefinished Door

From £225.75

Oak Bristol 4 Panel Internal Doors

Oak Bristol 4 Panel Door

From £147.75

Oak Bristol 2 Light 2 Panel

Oak Bristol 2 Light 2 Panel

From £203.63

Oak Marlborough 2 Panel

Oak Marlborough 2 Panel

From £147.75

Choosing Your PM Mendes Doors

We couldn’t be happier to be a PM Mendes door stockist, bringing you a stunning selection of internal doors, external timber doors and fire doors to suit all tastes.  

With over 60 doors in the collection, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your home aesthetic and budget. From the understated charm of the Pine Islington and White Capri to timeless classic like the Oak 1930 4-panel, or the exquisite prefinished Walnut Nova 1 Light. Doors are available both unfinished or prefinished, so you can either paint or stain to suit your decor, or simply hang them straight away.

Take a look at our selection and you’ll see why Mendes have a reputation for combining quality with affordability. 

PM Mendes Solid Core Internal Doors

PM Mendes specialise in building interior doors with reassuring weight, heft and stability. These solid core heavyweight internal doors provide extra security as well as superior soundproofing and insulation. 

Don’t let their sleek and elegant appearance fool you. PM Mendes internal doors are as strong and robust as you need them to be, backed by a 10-year guarantee. And, with a wide range of internal doors, whether modern or traditional, you're sure to find something to suit your home!

Internal Fire Doors

Looking for a fire door that provides outstanding protection without surrendering its aesthetic beauty? 

Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?

With internal fire doors in a range of timbers and styles, Mendes can help you protect your family without compromising on style. Their internal fire doors are rigorously tested and FD30 rated. This means that they can hold off dangerous smoke and flames for 30 minutes while you and your family get to safety.  

Incredible Range of Sizes, Styles, and Finishes

We are delighted to bring you a comprehensive range of Mendes products, with dozens of prefinished, unfinished, and white primed models. We stock glazed internal doors with a choice of clear or frosted glass that are fantastic for allowing light to flow through your home. We also stock a wide range of unglazed doors.

For those with wider door frames, we also offer stunning door pairs that are sure to add extra wow factor to any room. Take a look at the stunning Oak Hampstead and Oak Chiswick pairs. 

We understand how frustrating it can be when the door of your dreams doesn’t come in a size that fits your frame. Fortunately, our PM Mendes doors come in a range of sizes. Most models come in a size range of 24-33 inches (610-838 mm), although some have an even broader size range. Take a look at the prefinished Walnut Iseo Ss which ranges from 18-33 inches or 457-838mm. 

Made Using FSC Certified Timber

We understand that sustainability matters to you. Eco-conscious customers will be delighted to learn that PM Mendes doors are sustainably sourced. The brand is accredited by both the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). 

This means that the timber used in their door ranges comes from sources that are traceable and certified sustainable. So you have complete peace of mind knowing that the great look of your doors doesn’t come at the expense of the planet. 

All doors have a 10 year guarantee, prices include VAT, and free delivery is available on all orders over £750. Order your new doors online today!