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Deanta Doors

When it comes to choosing a brand for your internal doors, Deanta Doors is a name that you can trust. Why? Because their business model is focused solely on delivering excellence in the internal doors market. Deanta Doors are extremely rigorous in their production process. Shop our selection of Deanta doors online below.

With over 20 years’ experience in the door industry and a highly eclectic range to suit all tastes, Deanta Doors have a reputation for quality and innovation that’s well-earned. They demand only the best materials like FSC-certified solid core timber with oak and walnut veneers, crafted to the highest standards.

Pamplona Walnut Internal Doors

Pamplona Walnut Door

From £195.75

Pamplona Walnut Glazed Internal Doors

Pamplona Walnut Glazed Door

From £222.75

Kensington Oak Prefinished Internal Doors

Kensington Oak Prefinished Door

From £198.75

Kensington Glazed Oak Prefinished Internal Doors

Kensington Glazed Oak Prefinished Door

From £249.75

Kensington Walnut Internal Doors

Kensington Walnut Door

From £220.50

Kensington Walnut Glazed Internal Doors

Kensington Walnut Glazed Door

From £279.00

Kerry Glazed Oak Internal Doors

Kerry Glazed Oak Door

From £185.25

Galway Oak Internal Doors

Galway Oak Door

From £119.25

Augusta Oak - Prefinished Internal Doors

Augusta Oak - Prefinished Door

From £153.75

Augusta Oak Prefinished - Clear Glazed

Augusta Oak Prefinished - Clear Glazed

From £217.50

Galway Oak Clear Glazed Internal Doors

Galway Oak Clear Glazed Door

From £206.25

Seville White Internal Doors

Seville White Door

From £102.75

Pamplona White Internal Doors

Pamplona White Door

From £124.50

Pamplona Glazed White Internal Doors

Pamplona Glazed White Door

From £165.00

Bury 4 Panel Oak - Prefinished Internal Doors

Bury 4 Panel Oak - Prefinished Door

From £135.00

Bury Oak Glazed - Prefinished Internal Doors

Bury Oak Glazed - Prefinished Door

From £174.75

Eton Oak Glazed Internal Doors

Eton Oak Glazed Door

From £141.00

Cadiz Oak - Prefinished Internal Doors

Cadiz Oak - Prefinished Door

From £171.00

Cadiz Walnut - Prefinished Internal Doors

Cadiz Walnut - Prefinished Door

From £204.00

Bristol 10 Light Glazed Oak Internal Doors

Bristol 10 Light Glazed Oak Door

From £176.25

Eton 4 Panel Flat White Internal Doors

Eton 4 Panel Flat White Door

From £102.75

Eton Glazed 4 Panel White Internal Doors

Eton Glazed 4 Panel White Door

From £131.25

Sorrento Oak Prefinished

Sorrento Oak Prefinished

From £162.75

Sorrento Glazed Oak Prefinished

Sorrento Glazed Oak Prefinished

From £194.25

Oxford 6 Panel Oak - Prefinished Internal Doors

Oxford 6 Panel Oak - Prefinished Door

From £143.25

Rochester White Internal Doors

Rochester White Door

From £143.25

Rochester White Clear Glazed Internal Doors

Rochester White Clear Glazed Door

From £183.75

Kingston Oak Internal Doors

Kingston Oak Door

From £131.25

Ascot White

Ascot White

From £140.25

Choosing Your Deanta Internal Doors

We’re delighted to bring you a fantastic range of internal doors to suit all household aesthetics. Because they are completely focused on the internal doors market, Deanta doors can be trusted to combine quality and style. And because Deanta doors are manufactured right here in the UK, you know that you’re getting great value for money. 

They’re also a great choice for the eco-conscious, using low-carbon production techniques and maintaining the highest sustainability standards throughout their supply chain. 

With over 120 Deanta door models in stock, we have something to suit all tastes. From classic Windsor prefinished oak doors to boldly contemporary Dalson black prefinished doors. We’re proud to be a registered Deanta stockist, bringing you the combination of quality and affordability for which Deanta are justly famed. 

Internal Door Specialists

Because Deanta exclusively make internal doors, you can be assured of great quality, both in terms of build and materials with doors specifically engineered for the demands of indoor use.

Deanta’s interior doors have an engineered solid wood core to provide reassuring heft and security as well as great insulation and soundproofing. The solid core ensures a robust door with a long lifespan that won’t warp as the years go by. All while using construction techniques that ensure superb value for money. 

And, of course, because of their high-quality veneer, Deanta doors look amazing as well. 

Deanta fire doors

If you’re choosing your internal doors with fire safety in mind, look no further than Deanta’s FD30 30-minute fire door range. The company have invested heavily in providing superior fire protection without compromising on elegance or style. 

Deanta fire doors are rigorously tested and accredited by BM TRADA Q-Mark and / or Certifire schemes. They will keep flames and smoke at bay for a minimum of 30 minutes, protecting you and your family from harm. 

Incredible Range of Sizes, Styles, and Finishes

Every home is different. Which is why we’re delighted to have a phenomenal range of Deanta doors to accommodate all tastes and internal aesthetics. Take a look at our collection and you’ll see quality doors in a fantastic range of bold, elegant styles with white-primed, grey, black, oak and walnut finishes, both glazed and unglazed.  

The doors in our Deanta collection suit many standard door sizes, typically between 24-33 inches (610-838 mm). However, their generous 18mm lippings make it easy to cut your Deanta internal doors to size for that perfect flush fit. 

Doors, and More!

We’re delighted to stock more than just Deanta doors. We also supply a wide range of pre-finished Deanta door linings, skirtings, and architraves. These can enhance the door of your choice to create the perfect look and feel for your home.  

Dedicated to Quality and Sustainability

Deanta doors don’t just look fantastic. The brand is dedicated to quality and sustainability. For instance, they manufacture every door at their own facilities to ensure every aspect of production is subject to the same rigorous standards. 

For decades, their team of skilled and experienced door craftsmen have been pioneering innovative production techniques to combine quality and reliability with sustainability. Which is why Deanta doors are backed by a 10-year guarantee. 

What’s more, Deanta doors are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and all of their products and packaging are responsibly sourced. None of their materials are provided by third parties so they can ensure the same commitment to sustainability across their supply chain. 

They’re a green door manufacturer, too. Production is powered by PV solar panels for 7 months of the year, and 99% of their on-site waste is recycled. 

Buy your new Deanta interior doors online today and give your home a style upgrade!